Commit af1bff90 authored by Jelle van der Waa's avatar Jelle van der Waa 🚧
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postgres: add upgrade postgres script

parent 65cca332
set -e
## Set the old version that we want to upgrade from.
TO_VERSION=$(pacman -Q postgresql | grep -Po '(?<=postgresql )[0-9]+\.[0-9]')
to_major=$(echo "$TO_VERSION" | awk -F'.' '{print $1}')
to_minor=$(echo "$TO_VERSION" | awk -F'.' '{print $2}')
if [[ ${to_major} -ne 11 ]]; then
echo "WARNING: major upgrade detected, aborting..."
exit 1
export FROM_VERSION="$(cat /var/lib/postgres/data/PG_VERSION)"
# free space check
used_space=$(df --local --output=pcent /var/lib/postgres/ | grep -Po '[0-9]{1,3}(?=%)')
if [[ ${used_space} -ge 50 ]]; then
echo "ERROR: not enough free space for upgrade with backup, aborting..."
exit 2
pacman -S --needed postgresql-old-upgrade
chown postgres:postgres /var/lib/postgres/
if [[ -d "/var/lib/postgres/data-${FROM_VERSION}" ]]; then
echo "ERROR: backup data-${FROM_VERSION} directory already exists, aborting..."
exit 3
su - postgres -c "mv /var/lib/postgres/data /var/lib/postgres/data-${FROM_VERSION}"
su - postgres -c 'mkdir /var/lib/postgres/data'
su - postgres -c "initdb --locale $LANG -E UTF8 -D /var/lib/postgres/data"
vimdiff "/var/lib/postgres/data/pg_hba.conf" "/var/lib/postgres/data-${FROM_VERSION}/pg_hba.conf"
vimdiff "/var/lib/postgres/data/postgresql.conf" "/var/lib/postgres/data-${FROM_VERSION}/postgresql.conf"
#cp -avx "/var/lib/postgres/data-${FROM_VERSION}/server.crt" "/var/lib/postgres/data/server.crt"
#cp -avx "/var/lib/postgres/data-${FROM_VERSION}/server.key" "/var/lib/postgres/data/server.key"
systemctl stop postgresql.service
su - postgres -c "pg_upgrade -b /opt/pgsql-${FROM_VERSION}/bin/ -B /usr/bin/ -d /var/lib/postgres/data-${FROM_VERSION} -D /var/lib/postgres/data"
systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl start postgresql.service
su - postgres -c '/var/lib/postgres/'
su - postgres -c '/var/lib/postgres/'
......@@ -65,3 +65,6 @@
when: configure_firewall
- firewall
- name: copy postgresql upgrade script
copy: dest=/usr/local/bin/ mode=0755 owner=root group=root
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