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# Matrix
We offer a Matrix homeserver for Arch team members. Matrix is a federated communication service with
a variety of available clients for multiple platforms, mobile included. The flagship [Element
clients]( offer us file upload, end-to-end encryption, push notifications and
integrations with third-party services.
## Signing in
For the initial sign-in you need to use a client that supports OpenID Single-Sign-On, such as [Element
Web]( Enter `` as the username and Element should
offer to sign into our homeserver.
You will be automatically invited to several rooms:
- ``: A public room for Arch Linux users.
- ``: Bridged with the `#archlinux-staff` IRC channel on Freenode.
- ``: A staff-only room with end-to-end encryption.
After signing in you can use Element's settings to set a password for the account if you want to use
a client that does not support SSO.
If you need to provide your client with a homeserver address, use ``.
## IRC bridges
### Our bridge
We bridge several of our private IRC channels on Freenode to Matrix, which you need to be invited
- ``: Bridged with `#archlinux-dev`.
- ``: Bridged with `#archlinux-tu`.
- ``: Bridged with `#archlinux-staff`.
### bridge
Channels without keys are available via the "official" Freenode bridge at For example:
- ``: Bridged with `#archlinux-devops`.
- ``: Bridged with `#archlinux-projects`.
**Please avoid joining large bridged rooms (such as ``), as these
slow down the server immensely.**
Freenode may require you to have a registered nick to join certain channels. Once
`` contacts you, tell it to `!storepass <username>:<password>` with the
username and the password of your Freenode account and it will reconnect you as registered.
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