Verified Commit b7073b58 authored by Jan Alexander Steffens (heftig)'s avatar Jan Alexander Steffens (heftig)
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roles/matrix: Upgrade synapse to Python 3

parent 03e66d8c
...@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ ...@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
when: 'matrix_domain is defined' when: 'matrix_domain is defined'
- name: install packages - name: install packages
pacman: name=python2-virtualenv,git,npm pacman: name=python,git,npm
- name: add synapse group - name: add synapse group
group: name=synapse system=yes gid=198 group: name=synapse system=yes gid=198
...@@ -22,21 +22,13 @@ ...@@ -22,21 +22,13 @@
- /var/lib/synapse/uploads - /var/lib/synapse/uploads
- name: create venv - name: create venv
command: virtualenv2 /var/lib/synapse/venv command: python -m venv /var/lib/synapse/venv
args: args:
creates: /var/lib/synapse/venv/bin/python creates: /var/lib/synapse/venv/bin/python
become: yes become: yes
become_user: synapse become_user: synapse
become_method: sudo become_method: sudo
- name: download synapse
command: git clone /var/lib/synapse/synapse
creates: /var/lib/synapse/synapse/
become: yes
become_user: synapse
become_method: sudo
- name: download matrix-appservice-irc - name: download matrix-appservice-irc
command: git clone /var/lib/synapse/matrix-appservice-irc command: git clone /var/lib/synapse/matrix-appservice-irc
args: args:
...@@ -47,11 +39,7 @@ ...@@ -47,11 +39,7 @@
- name: install synapse - name: install synapse
command: > command: >
/var/lib/synapse/venv/bin/pip install /var/lib/synapse/venv/bin/pip install matrix-synapse systemd-python lxml
--no-binary :all:
--only-binary lxml,pymacaroons-pynacl,signedjson,unpaddedbase64,canonicaljson
-e /var/lib/synapse/synapse
psycopg2 systemd-python lxml netaddr
args: args:
creates: /var/lib/synapse/venv/bin/synctl creates: /var/lib/synapse/venv/bin/synctl
become: yes become: yes
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