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matrix: Fix config so HS can boot

report_stats must be present. The reporting phones home the following values:

server name setting
server context setting (empty)
cache factor setting
event cache size setting
python version
database engine name (PostgreSQL)
database engine version
server process uptime
server process RSS
server process average CPU use
count rooms
count rooms active in the last 24h
count local users
count local non-bridge users
count local users created in the last 24h
count local users active in the last 24h
count local users active for at least 30 days
count messages in the last 24h
count messages by local users in the last 24h

I think this is acceptable to disclose, so allow reporting.
parent 4f446f1a
......@@ -848,7 +848,7 @@ default_identity_server:
# dsn: "..."
# Whether or not to report anonymized homeserver usage statistics.
# report_stats: true|false
report_stats: true
## API Configuration ##
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