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mailman3: Add missing mailman-hyperkitty.cfg.j2 file

Fixes: 9294828f ("Setup mailman3 server")
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# This is the mailman extension configuration file to enable HyperKitty as an
# archiver. Remember to add the following lines in the mailman.cfg file:
# [archiver.hyperkitty]
# class: mailman_hyperkitty.Archiver
# enable: yes
# configuration: /path/to/here/mailman-hyperkitty.cfg
# This is your HyperKitty installation, preferably on the localhost. This
# address will be used by Mailman to forward incoming emails to HyperKitty
# for archiving. It does not need to be publicly available, in fact it's
# better if it is not.
# However, if your Mailman installation is accessed via HTTPS, the URL needs
# to match your SSL certificate (e.g.
base_url: http://localhost/archives/
# Shared API key, must be the identical to the value in HyperKitty's
# settings.
api_key: {{ vault_mailman_archiver_key }}
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