1. 14 May, 2022 2 commits
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    • Kristian Klausen's avatar
      Avoid single point-of-failure for our GeoIP domain · aa359082
      Kristian Klausen authored
      We don't want mirror.pkgbuild.com's DNS server to be a
      single-point-of-failure, so this commit adds multiple authoritative DNS
      servers for the zone. The extra DNS servers are run on the geomirror
      The _acme-challenge zone, used for obtaining certificates, is run solely
      on mirror.pkgbuild.com's DNS server, to avoid syncing DNS records
      between the servers (KISS).
  7. 13 Apr, 2022 1 commit
    • Kristian Klausen's avatar
      Add GeoIP domain for our sponsored mirros · 9f65f99c
      Kristian Klausen authored
      We had a GeoIP mirror in the past based on nginx and its GeoIP module,
      but it didn't perform very well, due to the high latency (asking a
      central server for the package and then redirected to the closest
      One of the reasons for offering this service, is so we can relieve
      mirror.pkgbuild.com which is burning a ton of traffic (50TB/month),
      likely due to it being the default mirror in our Docker image. Another
      reason is so we can offer a link to our arch-boxes images in libosinfo
      (used by gnome-boxes, virt-install and virt-manager), with good enough
      performance for most users.
      This time we take a different approach and use a DNS based solution,
      which means the latency penalty is only paid once (the first DNS
      request). The downside is that the mirrors must have a valid certificate
      for the same domain name, which makes using third-party mirrors a
      challenge. So for now, we are just using the sponsored mirorrs
      controlled by the DevOps team.
      Fix #101
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    • Jelle van der Waa's avatar
      Introduce prometheus exporters role for collection · 23564b29
      Jelle van der Waa authored
      Add a new role called prometheus_exporters which should be run on every
      machine we have and starts different collectors depending on what group
      the machine is in. Currently supported our the gitlab runner exporter,
      rebuilder textcollector, mysqld-exporter, borg textcollector and an
      node/arch exporter. The arch exporter monitors the security status and
      pacman out of date packages gauge.
  20. 31 Aug, 2020 1 commit