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      Add GeoIP domain for our sponsored mirros · 9f65f99c
      Kristian Klausen authored
      We had a GeoIP mirror in the past based on nginx and its GeoIP module,
      but it didn't perform very well, due to the high latency (asking a
      central server for the package and then redirected to the closest
      One of the reasons for offering this service, is so we can relieve
      mirror.pkgbuild.com which is burning a ton of traffic (50TB/month),
      likely due to it being the default mirror in our Docker image. Another
      reason is so we can offer a link to our arch-boxes images in libosinfo
      (used by gnome-boxes, virt-install and virt-manager), with good enough
      performance for most users.
      This time we take a different approach and use a DNS based solution,
      which means the latency penalty is only paid once (the first DNS
      request). The downside is that the mirrors must have a valid certificate
      for the same domain name, which makes using third-party mirrors a
      challenge. So for now, we are just using the sponsored mirorrs
      controlled by the DevOps team.
      Fix #101