1. 30 Jun, 2021 3 commits
  2. 28 Jun, 2021 2 commits
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      Use restrict key option and relative borg command · 3561a383
      Evangelos Foutras authored
      No functional change; the "restrict" key option is a shorthand for:
      - no-agent-forwarding
      - no-port-forwarding
      - no-X11-forwarding
      - no-pty
      - no-user-rc
      It was added in OpenSSH 7.2 (2016-02-29) as a convenient way to specify
      an authorized key should have "all current and future key restrictions"
      applied to it.
      Also switch to a relative borg command since its location is not really
      standardized; on rsync.net it appears to be located under usr/local/bin
      (though /usr/bin/borg works too, even if it doesn't exist!) and Hetzner
      just forces its own command, ignoring ours. 🐱
      The Borg documentation seems to agree with both the above alterations:
      [1] https://borgbackup.readthedocs.io/en/stable/usage/serve.html
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      Create snapshot with current db and gitlab backups · 4bc877e6
      Evangelos Foutras authored
      The helper scripts that create mysql/postgres database dumps as well as
      the script running gitlab-backup were executed after the btrfs snapshot
      was taken. This resulted in stale db and gitlab backups (from last run).
      Move execution of these helper scripts further up so their outputs get
      included in the btrfs snapshot.
      Reported-by: Kristian Klausen's avatarKristian Klausen <kristian@klausen.dk>
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      Monitor borg repo sizes · 0edc4292
      Evangelos Foutras authored
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      gitlab-backup: Set GZIP_RSYNCABLE=yes so borg can dedup · 2222767c
      Evangelos Foutras authored
      gitlab-backup produces gzipped tarballs that cannot be meaningfully
      deduplicated by borg.  This can be mitigated by passing --rsyncable
      to gzip.
      The above is verified by creating two new borg repositories, adding
      the two most recent gitlab.archlinux.org archives to both, with the
      difference of re-compressing the tarballs with `gzip -1 --rsyncable`
      before adding them to the second repository.
      In the first case, the 215.97 GB backup archive gets compressed and
      deduplicated down to 176.24 GB. With --rsyncable it gets reduced to
      just 12.79 GB. These numbers are for /srv/gitlab/data/backups only,
      but the other non-tarballed files get sufficiently deduped already.
      Based on the above, I am hoping to see the borg repository for gitlab
      shrink over time from the current 3 TB to around 600 GB which is more
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