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# Arch Linux in August 2022
## devtools
The code and repository has been restructured [0] as it got out of hand
over time. Now it follows a clear distinction and structure with
improvements in the build system.
The incubating tool `diffpkg` received a lot of new features [1] that
will be released shortly. The new tool helps to print differences of the
current package build against the last release including file listing,
pkginfo, buildinfo, diffoscope. Now it provides additional features for
colored output, terminal column width and switch between side-by-side
and unified output.
## archlinux-keyring
The Web Key Directory (WKD) data for Arch Linux is now automatically
generated from the archlinux-keyring repository upon tagging of a new
version. This allows for the data to be up-to-date right after a release
has been made directly from the source of truth.
## RFC
We are formalizing an RFC [2] to merge the pacman repository
`[community]` into `[extra]` as well as the packaging VCS location
`community` into `packages`. The `[core]` repository remains limited to
Developers. New Package Maintainers will be restricted to publish
packages solely to `[testing]` for the first two months of their active
packaging actions.
## repod
The 0.2.0 release as well as subsequent patch-level releases have been
made. The new releases introduce rudimentary import of package files and
the writing of repository sync databases in configurable repository
directories. Upcoming work will focus on establishing a framework for
dealing with required steps in common packager workflows.
## buildbot
A first workable proof of concept has been created which we continue to
iterate over. The current state and an outline of ideas has been posted
to `arch-dev-public` [3].
## Staff
We would like to welcome serebit and blakkheim among the Trusted Users [4][5].
On top we would like to welcome kgizdov to their new additional duties
as Arch Linux Developers [6].
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