Commit 9a1ca23b authored by Leo von Klenze's avatar Leo von Klenze Committed by Jouke Witteveen
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Use netctl-auto for profile switching

If an interface is managed via netctl-auto use netctl-auto
to switch to the profile instead of failing

[Jouke]: I have removed the notifications. Progress indicators should
be provided by systemctl but that still is not possible...
parent 86a44623
......@@ -182,9 +182,8 @@ connect_to_ssid()
report_notice "Interface '$INTERFACE' is controlled by netctl-auto"
if (( NEW_PROFILE )); then
do_debug systemctl restart "netctl-auto@$INTERFACE.service"
report_error "A profile already exists for SSID '$1'"
do_debug netctl-auto switch-to $PROFILE
elif ! netctl switch-to "$PROFILE"; then
if (( NEW_PROFILE )); then
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