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  1. 17 Dec, 2014 3 commits
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      cpuidle / ACPI: remove unused CPUIDLE_FLAG_TIME_INVALID · 62c4cf97
      Len Brown authored
      CPUIDLE_FLAG_TIME_INVALID is no longer checked
      by menu or ladder cpuidle governors, so don't
      bother setting or defining it.
      It was originally invented to account for the fact that
      acpi_safe_halt() enables interrupts to invoke HLT.
      That would allow interrupt service routines to be included
      in the last_idle duration measurements made in cpuidle_enter_state(),
      potentially returning a duration much larger than reality.
      But menu and ladder can gracefully handle erroneously large duration
      intervals without checking for CPUIDLE_FLAG_TIME_INVALID.
      Further, if they don't check CPUIDLE_FLAG_TIME_INVALID, they
      can also benefit from the instances when the duration interval
      is not erroneously large.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarLen Brown <>
      Acked-by: default avatarDaniel Lezcano <>
      Signed-off-by: default avatarRafael J. Wysocki <>
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      cpuidle: ladder: Better idle duration measurement without using CPUIDLE_FLAG_TIME_INVALID · b73026b9
      Len Brown authored
      When the ladder governor sees the CPUIDLE_FLAG_TIME_INVALID flag,
      it unconditionally causes a state promotion by setting last_residency
      to a number higher than the state's promotion_time:
      last_residency = last_state->threshold.promotion_time + 1
      It does this for fear that cpuidle_get_last_residency()
      will be in-accurate, because cpuidle_enter_state() invoked
      a state with CPUIDLE_FLAG_TIME_INVALID.
      But the only state with CPUIDLE_FLAG_TIME_INVALID is
      acpi_safe_halt(), which may return well after its actual
      idle duration because it enables interrupts, so cpuidle_enter_state()
      also measures interrupt service time.
      So what?  In ladder, a huge invalid last_residency has exactly
      the same effect as the current code -- it unconditionally
      causes a state promotion.
      In the case where the idle residency plus measured interrupt
      handling time is less than the state's demotion_time -- we should
      use that timestamp to give ladder a chance to demote, rather than
      unconditionally promoting.
      This can be done by simply ignoring the CPUIDLE_FLAG_TIME_INVALID,
      and using the "invalid" time, as it is either equal to what we are
      doing today, or better.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarLen Brown <>
      Acked-by: default avatarDaniel Lezcano <>
      Signed-off-by: default avatarRafael J. Wysocki <>
    • Len Brown's avatar
      cpuidle: menu: Better idle duration measurement without using CPUIDLE_FLAG_TIME_INVALID · 4108b3d9
      Len Brown authored
      When menu sees CPUIDLE_FLAG_TIME_INVALID, it ignores its timestamps,
      and assumes that idle lasted as long as the time till next predicted
      timer expiration.
      But if an interrupt was seen and serviced before that duration,
      it would actually be more accurate to use the measured time
      rather than rounding up to the next predicted timer expiration.
      And if an interrupt is seen and serviced such that the mesured time
      exceeds the time till next predicted timer expiration, then
      truncating to that expiration is the right thing to do --
      since we can never stay idle past that timer expiration.
      So the code can do a better job without
      checking for CPUIDLE_FLAG_TIME_INVALID.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarLen Brown <>
      Acked-by: default avatarDaniel Lezcano <>
      Reviewed-by: default avatarTuukka Tikkanen <>
      Signed-off-by: default avatarRafael J. Wysocki <>
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  5. 17 Nov, 2014 3 commits
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      Linux 3.18-rc5 · fc14f9c1
      Linus Torvalds authored
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      Merge tag 'armsoc-for-rc5' of git:// · e35c5a27
      Linus Torvalds authored
      Pull ARM SoC fixes from Olof Johansson:
       "Another small set of fixes:
         - some DT compatible typo fixes
         - irq setup fix dealing with irq storms on orion
         - i2c quirk generalization for mvebu
         - a handful of smaller fixes for OMAP
         - a couple of added file patterns for OMAP entries in MAINTAINERS"
      * tag 'armsoc-for-rc5' of git://
        ARM: at91/dt: Fix sama5d3x typos
        pinctrl: dra: dt-bindings: Fix output pull up/down
        MAINTAINERS: Update entry for omap related .dts files to cover new SoCs
        MAINTAINERS: add more files under OMAP SUPPORT
        ARM: dts: AM437x-SK-EVM: Fix DCDC3 voltage
        ARM: dts: AM437x-GP-EVM: Fix DCDC3 voltage
        ARM: dts: AM43x-EPOS-EVM: Fix DCDC3 voltage
        ARM: dts: am335x-evm: Fix 5th NAND partition's name
        ARM: orion: Fix for certain sequence of request_irq can cause irq storm
        ARM: mvebu: armada xp: Generalize use of i2c quirk
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      Merge git:// · 435e46f5
      Linus Torvalds authored
      Pull sparc fixes from David Miller:
       1) Fix NULL oops in Schizo PCI controller error handler.
       2) Fix race between xchg and other operations on 32-bit sparc, from
          Andreas Larsson.
       3) swab*() helpers need a dummy memory input operand to show data flow
          on 64-bit sparc.
       4) Fix RCU warnings due to missing irq_{enter,exit}() around
          generic_smp_call_function*() calls.
      * git://
        sparc64: Fix constraints on swab helpers.
        sparc32: Implement xchg and atomic_xchg using ATOMIC_HASH locks
        sparc64: Do irq_{enter,exit}() around generic_smp_call_function*().
        sparc64: Fix crashes in schizo_pcierr_intr_other().
  6. 16 Nov, 2014 9 commits
  7. 15 Nov, 2014 6 commits
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      Merge branch 'fixes' of git:// · 5f01feb8
      Linus Torvalds authored
      Pull ARM fixes from Russell King:
       "Two fixes this time, one to ensure that the kuser helper option
        depends on MMU as they aren't available for noMMU targets (and if the
        option is selected, we end up oopsing.)
        The second fix plugs a corner case with the decompressor, ensuring
        that the instruction stream can see the relocated code in every case
        on ARMv7 CPUs"
      * 'fixes' of git://
        ARM: 8198/1: make kuser helpers depend on MMU
        ARM: 8191/1: decompressor: ensure I-side picks up relocated code
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      Merge branch 'parisc-3.18-2' of git:// · 555e5986
      Linus Torvalds authored
      Pull parisc updates from Helge Deller:
       "Changes include:
         - wire up the bpf syscall
         - remove CONFIG_64BIT usage from some userspace-exported header files
         - use compat functions for msgctl, shmat, shmctl and semtimedop
      * 'parisc-3.18-2' of git://
        parisc: Avoid using CONFIG_64BIT in userspace exported headers
        parisc: Use compat layer for msgctl, shmat, shmctl and semtimedop syscalls
        parisc: Use BUILD_BUG() instead of undefined functions
        parisc: Wire up bpf syscall
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      Merge tag 'for-v3.18-rc' of git:// · ec7de656
      Linus Torvalds authored
      Pull power supply updates from Sebastian Reichel:
       "Power supply and reset changes for the v3.18-rc:
         - misc. charger-manager fixes
         - year 2038 fix in ab8500_fg
         - fix error handling of bq2415x_charger"
      * tag 'for-v3.18-rc' of git://
        power: charger-manager: Fix accessing invalidated power supply after charger unbind
        power: charger-manager: Fix accessing invalidated power supply after fuel gauge unbind
        power: charger-manager: Avoid recursive thermal get_temp call
        power_supply: Add no_thermal property to prevent recursive get_temp calls
        power: bq2415x_charger: Fix memory leak on DTS parsing error
        power: bq2415x_charger: Properly handle ENODEV from power_supply_get_by_phandle
        power: ab8500_fg.c: use 64-bit time types
    • Linus Torvalds's avatar
      Merge branch 'drm-fixes' of git:// · e0611671
      Linus Torvalds authored
      Pull drm gixes from Dave Airlie:
       - exynos: infinite loop regressions fixed
       - i915: one regression
       - radeon: one race condition on monitor probing
       - noveau: two regressions
       - tegra: one vblank regression fix
      * 'drm-fixes' of git://
        drm/tegra: dc: Add missing call to drm_vblank_on()
        drm/nouveau/nv50/disp: Fix modeset on G94
        drm/gk20a/fb: fix setting of large page size bit
        drm/radeon: add locking around atombios scratch space usage
        drm/i915: Fix obj->map_and_fenceable across tiling changes
        drm/exynos: fix possible infinite loop issue
        drm/exynos: g2d: fix null pointer dereference
        drm/exynos: resolve infinite loop issue on non multi-platform
        drm/exynos: resolve infinite loop issue on multi-platform
    • Kirill A. Shutemov's avatar
      kernel: use the gnu89 standard explicitly · 51b97e35
      Kirill A. Shutemov authored
      Sasha Levin reports:
       "gcc5 changes the default standard to c11, which makes kernel build
        Explicitly define the kernel standard to be gnu89 which should keep
        everything working exactly like it was before gcc5"
      There are multiple small issues with the new default, but the biggest
      issue seems to be that the old - and very useful - GNU extension to
      allow a cast in front of an initializer has gone away.
      Patch updated by Kirill:
       "I'm pretty sure all gcc versions you can build kernel with supports
        -std=gnu89.  cc-option is redunrant.
        We also need to adjust HOSTCFLAGS otherwise allmodconfig fails for me"
      Note by Andrew Pinski:
       "Yes it was reported and both problems relating to this extension has
        been added to gnu99 and gnu11.  Though there are other issues with the
        kernel dealing with extern inline have different semantics between
        gnu89 and gnu99/11"
      End result: we may be able to move up to a newer stdc model eventually,
      but right now the newer models have some annoying deficiencies, so the
      traditional "gnu89" model ends up being the preferred one.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarSasha Levin <>
      Singed-off-by: default avatarKirill A. Shutemov <>
      Signed-off-by: default avatarLinus Torvalds <>
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      Merge tag 'nfs-for-3.18-3' of git:// · 1afcb6ed
      Linus Torvalds authored
      Pull NFS client bugfixes from Trond Myklebust:
       "Highlights include:
         - stable patches to fix NFSv4.x delegation reclaim error paths
         - fix a bug whereby we were advertising NFSv4.1 but using NFSv4.2
         - fix a use-after-free problem with pNFS block layouts
         - fix a memory leak in the pNFS files O_DIRECT code
         - replace an intrusive and Oops-prone performance fix in the NFSv4
           atomic open code with a safer one-line version and revert the two
           original patches"
      * tag 'nfs-for-3.18-3' of git://
        sunrpc: fix sleeping under rcu_read_lock in gss_stringify_acceptor
        NFS: Don't try to reclaim delegation open state if recovery failed
        NFSv4: Ensure that we call FREE_STATEID when NFSv4.x stateids are revoked
        NFSv4: Fix races between nfs_remove_bad_delegation() and delegation return
        NFSv4.1: nfs41_clear_delegation_stateid shouldn't trust NFS_DELEGATED_STATE
        NFSv4: Ensure that we remove NFSv4.0 delegations when state has expired
        NFS: SEEK is an NFS v4.2 feature
        nfs: Fix use of uninitialized variable in nfs_getattr()
        nfs: Remove bogus assignment
        nfs: remove spurious WARN_ON_ONCE in write path
        pnfs/blocklayout: serialize GETDEVICEINFO calls
        nfs: fix pnfs direct write memory leak
        Revert "NFS: nfs4_do_open should add negative results to the dcache."
        Revert "NFS: remove BUG possibility in nfs4_open_and_get_state"
        NFSv4: Ensure nfs_atomic_open set the dentry verifier on ENOENT
  8. 14 Nov, 2014 13 commits
    • Linus Torvalds's avatar
      Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// · 56c381f9
      Linus Torvalds authored
      Pull input subsystem updates from Dmitry Torokhov:
       "Mostly small fixups to PS/2 tochpad drivers (ALPS, Elantech,
        Synaptics) to better deal with specific hardware"
      * 'for-linus' of git://
        Input: elantech - update the documentation
        Input: elantech - provide a sysfs knob for crc_enabled
        Input: elantech - report the middle button of the touchpad
        Input: alps - ignore bad data on Dell Latitudes E6440 and E7440
        Input: alps - allow up to 2 invalid packets without resetting device
        Input: alps - ignore potential bare packets when device is out of sync
        Input: elantech - fix crc_enabled for Fujitsu H730
        Input: elantech - use elantech_report_trackpoint for hardware v4 too
        Input: twl4030-pwrbutton - ensure a wakeup event is recorded.
        Input: synaptics - add min/max quirk for Lenovo T440s
    • Linus Torvalds's avatar
      Merge tag 'arm64-fixes' of git:// · 0861fd1c
      Linus Torvalds authored
      Pull arm64 fixes from Catalin Marinas:
       - fix EFI stub cache maintenance causing aborts during boot on certain
       - handle byte stores in __clear_user without panicking
       - fix race condition in aarch64_insn_patch_text_sync() (instruction
       - Couple of type fixes
      * tag 'arm64-fixes' of git://
        arm64: ARCH_PFN_OFFSET should be unsigned long
        Correct the race condition in aarch64_insn_patch_text_sync()
        arm64: __clear_user: handle exceptions on strb
        arm64: Fix data type for physical address
        arm64: efi: Fix stub cache maintenance
    • Linus Torvalds's avatar
      Merge tag 'platform-drivers-x86-v3.18-3' of... · 5ae93760
      Linus Torvalds authored
      Merge tag 'platform-drivers-x86-v3.18-3' of git://
      Pull x86 platform drivers fixlets from Darren Hart:
       "Just two patches to remove hp_accel events from the keyboard bus
        stream via an i8042 filter"
      * tag 'platform-drivers-x86-v3.18-3' of git://
        platform: hp_accel: Add SERIO_I8042 as a dependency since it now includes i8042.h/serio.h
        platform: hp_accel: add a i8042 filter to remove HPQ6000 data from kb bus stream
    • Linus Torvalds's avatar
      Merge branch 'for-3.18-fixes' of git:// · e57c641f
      Linus Torvalds authored
      Pull libata fixes from Tejun Heo:
       "The most notable is the revert of lock splitting optimization in ahci.
        This also made the IRQ handling threaded even when there's only one
        IRQ in use.  The conversion missed IRFQ_SHARED leading to screaming
        IRQs problem in some cases and the threaded IRQ handling showed
        performance regression in some LKP test cases.  The changes are
        reverted for now.  It'll probably be retried once threaded IRQ
        handling is removed from ahci.
        Other than that, there's one fix for ahci and several patches adding
        device IDs"
      * 'for-3.18-fixes' of git://
        ahci: fix AHCI parameters not taken into account
        ata: sata_rcar: Add r8a7793 device support
        ahci: Add Device IDs for Intel Sunrise Point PCH
        ahci: disable MSI instead of NCQ on Samsung pci-e SSDs on macbooks
        Revert "AHCI: Optimize single IRQ interrupt processing"
        Revert "AHCI: Do not acquire ata_host::lock from single IRQ handler"
        ata: sata_rcar: Disable DIPM mode for r8a7790 ES1
    • Linus Torvalds's avatar
      Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// · 6f0d7a9e
      Linus Torvalds authored
      Pull block layer fixes from Jens Axboe:
       "Four small fixes that should be merged for the current 3.18-rc series.
        This pull request contains:
         - a minor bugfix for computation of best IO priority given two
           merging requests.  From Jan Kara.
         - the final (final) merge count issue that has been plaguing
           virtio-blk.  From Ming Lei.
         - enable parallel reinit notify for blk-mq queues, to combine the
           cost of an RCU grace period across lots of devices.  From Tejun
         - an error handling fix for the SCSI_IOCTL_SEND_COMMAND ioctl.  From
           Tony Battersby"
      * 'for-linus' of git://
        block: blk-merge: fix blk_recount_segments()
        scsi: Fix more error handling in SCSI_IOCTL_SEND_COMMAND
        blk-mq: make mq_queue_reinit_notify() freeze queues in parallel
        block: Fix computation of merged request priority
    • Linus Torvalds's avatar
      Merge tag 'pm+acpi-3.18-rc5' of git:// · 78646f62
      Linus Torvalds authored
      Pull ACPI and power management fixes from Rafael Wysocki:
       "These are three regression fixes, two recent (generic power domains,
        suspend-to-idle) and one older (cpufreq), an ACPI blacklist entry for
        one more machine having problems with Windows 8 compatibility, a minor
        cpufreq driver fix (cpufreq-dt) and a fixup for new callback
        definitions (generic power domains).
         - Fix a crash in the suspend-to-idle code path introduced by a recent
           commit that forgot to check a pointer against NULL before
           dereferencing it (Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov).
         - Fix a boot crash on Exynos5 introduced by a recent commit making
           that platform use generic Device Tree bindings for power domains
           which exposed a weakness in the generic power domains framework
           leading to that crash (Ulf Hansson).
         - Fix a crash during system resume on systems where cpufreq depends
           on Operation Performance Points (OPP) for functionality, but
           CONFIG_OPP is not set.  This leads the cpufreq driver registration
           to fail, but the resume code attempts to restore the pre-suspend
           cpufreq configuration (which does not exist) nevertheless and
           crashes.  From Geert Uytterhoeven.
         - Add a new ACPI blacklist entry for Dell Vostro 3546 that has
           problems if it is reported as Windows 8 compatible to the BIOS
           (Adam Lee).
         - Fix swapped arguments in an error message in the cpufreq-dt driver
           (Abhilash Kesavan).
         - Fix up the prototypes of new callbacks in struct generic_pm_domain
           to make them more useful.  Users of those callbacks will be added
           in 3.19 and it's better for them to be based on the correct struct
           definition in mainline from the start.  From Ulf Hansson and Kevin
      * tag 'pm+acpi-3.18-rc5' of git://
        PM / Domains: Fix initial default state of the need_restore flag
        PM / sleep: Fix entering suspend-to-IDLE if no freeze_oops is set
        PM / Domains: Change prototype for the attach and detach callbacks
        cpufreq: Avoid crash in resume on SMP without OPP
        cpufreq: cpufreq-dt: Fix arguments in clock failure error message
        ACPI / blacklist: blacklist Win8 OSI for Dell Vostro 3546
    • Linus Torvalds's avatar
      Merge tag 'firewire-fix' of git:// · f720d7df
      Linus Torvalds authored
      Pull firewire fix from Stefan Richter:
       "IEEE 1394 (FireWire) subsystem fix: The character device file
        interface for raw 1394 I/O took uninitialized kernel stack as
        substitute for missing ioctl() argument data.  This could partially
        show up in subsequent read() output"
      * tag 'firewire-fix' of git://
        firewire: cdev: prevent kernel stack leaking into ioctl arguments
    • Linus Torvalds's avatar
      Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// · 3865efcb
      Linus Torvalds authored
      Pull vfs fix from Al Viro:
       "Fix for a really embarrassing braino in iov_iter.  Kudos to paulus..."
      * 'for-linus' of git://
        Fix thinko in iov_iter_single_seg_count
    • Rafael J. Wysocki's avatar
      Merge branches 'pm-domains', 'pm-sleep' and 'pm-cpufreq' · 31689497
      Rafael J. Wysocki authored
      * pm-domains:
        PM / Domains: Fix initial default state of the need_restore flag
        PM / Domains: Change prototype for the attach and detach callbacks
      * pm-sleep:
        PM / sleep: Fix entering suspend-to-IDLE if no freeze_oops is set
      * pm-cpufreq:
        cpufreq: Avoid crash in resume on SMP without OPP
        cpufreq: cpufreq-dt: Fix arguments in clock failure error message
    • Rafael J. Wysocki's avatar
      Merge branch 'acpi-blacklist' · a9b70711
      Rafael J. Wysocki authored
      * acpi-blacklist:
        ACPI / blacklist: blacklist Win8 OSI for Dell Vostro 3546
    • Stefan Richter's avatar
      firewire: cdev: prevent kernel stack leaking into ioctl arguments · eaca2d8e
      Stefan Richter authored
      Found by the UC-KLEE tool:  A user could supply less input to
      firewire-cdev ioctls than write- or write/read-type ioctl handlers
      expect.  The handlers used data from uninitialized kernel stack then.
      This could partially leak back to the user if the kernel subsequently
      generated fw_cdev_event_'s (to be read from the firewire-cdev fd)
      which notably would contain the _u64 closure field which many of the
      ioctl argument structures contain.
      The fact that the handlers would act on random garbage input is a
      lesser issue since all handlers must check their input anyway.
      The fix simply always null-initializes the entire ioctl argument buffer
      regardless of the actual length of expected user input.  That is, a
      runtime overhead of memset(..., 40) is added to each firewirew-cdev
      ioctl() call.  [Comment from Clemens Ladisch:  This part of the stack is
      most likely to be already in the cache.]
        - There was never any leak from kernel stack to the ioctl output
          buffer itself.  IOW, it was not possible to read kernel stack by a
          read-type or write/read-type ioctl alone; the leak could at most
          happen in combination with read()ing subsequent event data.
        - The actual expected minimum user input of each ioctl from
          include/uapi/linux/firewire-cdev.h is, in bytes:
          [0x00] = 32, [0x05] =  4, [0x0a] = 16, [0x0f] = 20, [0x14] = 16,
          [0x01] = 36, [0x06] = 20, [0x0b] =  4, [0x10] = 20, [0x15] = 20,
          [0x02] = 20, [0x07] =  4, [0x0c] =  0, [0x11] =  0, [0x16] =  8,
          [0x03] =  4, [0x08] = 24, [0x0d] = 20, [0x12] = 36, [0x17] = 12,
          [0x04] = 20, [0x09] = 24, [0x0e] =  4, [0x13] = 40, [0x18] =  4.
      Reported-by: default avatarDavid Ramos <>
      Cc: <>
      Signed-off-by: default avatarStefan Richter <>
    • Linus Torvalds's avatar
      Merge tag 'for_linus' of git:// · b23dc5a7
      Linus Torvalds authored
      Pull virtio bugfix from Michael S Tsirkin:
       "This fixes a crash in virtio console multi-channel mode that got
        introduced in -rc1"
      * tag 'for_linus' of git://
        virtio_console: move early VQ enablement
    • Linus Torvalds's avatar
      Merge git:// · 5cf52037
      Linus Torvalds authored
      Pull networking fixes from David Miller:
       1) sunhme driver lacks DMA mapping error checks, based upon a report by
          Meelis Roos.
       2) Fix memory leak in mvpp2 driver, from Sudip Mukherjee.
       3) DMA memory allocation sizes are wrong in systemport ethernet driver,
          fix from Florian Fainelli.
       4) Fix use after free in mac80211 defragmentation code, from Johannes
       5) Some networking uapi headers missing from Kbuild file, from Stephen
       6) TUN driver gets csum_start offset wrong when VLAN accel is enabled,
          and macvtap has a similar bug, from Herbert Xu.
       7) Adjust several tunneling drivers to set dev->iflink after registry,
          because registry sets that to -1 overwriting whatever we did.  From
          Steffen Klassert.
       8) Geneve forgets to set inner tunneling type, causing GSO segmentation
          to fail on some NICs.  From Jesse Gross.
       9) Fix several locking bugs in stmmac driver, from Fabrice Gasnier and
          Giuseppe CAVALLARO.
      10) Fix spurious timeouts with NewReno on low traffic connections, from
          Marcelo Leitner.
      11) Fix descriptor updates in enic driver, from Govindarajulu
      12) PPP calls bpf_prog_create() with locks held, which isn't kosher.
          Fix from Takashi Iwai.
      13) Fix NULL deref in SCTP with malformed INIT packets, from Daniel
      14) psock_fanout selftest accesses past the end of the mmap ring, fix
          from Shuah Khan.
      15) Fix PTP timestamping for VLAN packets, from Richard Cochran.
      16) netlink_unbind() calls in netlink pass wrong initial argument, from
          Hiroaki SHIMODA.
      17) vxlan socket reuse accidently reuses a socket when the address
          family is different, so we have to explicitly check this, from
          Marcelo Lietner.
      18) Fix missing include in nft_reject_bridge.c breaking the build on ppc
          and other architectures, from Guenter Roeck.
      * git:// (75 commits)
        vxlan: Do not reuse sockets for a different address family
        smsc911x: power-up phydev before doing a software reset.
        lib: rhashtable - Remove weird non-ASCII characters from comments
        net/smsc911x: Fix delays in the PHY enable/disable routines
        net/smsc911x: Fix rare soft reset timeout issue due to PHY power-down mode
        netlink: Properly unbind in error conditions.
        net: ptp: fix time stamp matching logic for VLAN packets.
        cxgb4 : dcb open-lldp interop fixes
        selftests/net: psock_fanout seg faults in sock_fanout_read_ring()
        net: bcmgenet: apply MII configuration in bcmgenet_open()
        net: bcmgenet: connect and disconnect from the PHY state machine
        net: qualcomm: Fix dependency
        ixgbe: phy: fix uninitialized status in ixgbe_setup_phy_link_tnx
        net: phy: Correctly handle MII ioctl which changes autonegotiation.
        ipv6: fix IPV6_PKTINFO with v4 mapped
        net: sctp: fix memory leak in auth key management
        net: sctp: fix NULL pointer dereference in af->from_addr_param on malformed packet
        net: ppp: Don't call bpf_prog_create() in ppp_lock
        net/mlx4_en: Advertize encapsulation offloads features only when VXLAN tunnel is set
        cxgb4 : Fix bug in DCB app deletion