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Add version information to the distributed svg file

To allow svg caching add the version to the svg file and sed the used
version file in the css file.
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......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ dist: vendor
@mkdir -p "dist/${PACKAGE_NAME}-${VERSION}"
cp -avf public/index.html "dist/${PACKAGE_NAME}-${VERSION}/index.html"
# TODO: cache-invalidation with version string replaced in html file
svgcleaner public/${ARCHLOGO} "dist/${PACKAGE_NAME}-${VERSION}/${ARCHLOGO}"
svgcleaner public/${ARCHLOGO} "dist/${PACKAGE_NAME}-${VERSION}/archlogo-${VERSION}.svg"
cp -vf public/favicon.ico -t "dist/${PACKAGE_NAME}-${VERSION}/"
$(SASS) -t compressed src/style.scss "dist/${PACKAGE_NAME}-${VERSION}/bundle-${VERSION}.css"
$(YARN) run -s browserify -t babelify src/index.js | $(YARN) run -s terser --compress --mangle > "dist/${PACKAGE_NAME}-${VERSION}/bundle-${VERSION}.js"
......@@ -43,6 +43,9 @@ dist: vendor
@sed -i 's/bundle.js/bundle-${VERSION}.js/' "dist/${PACKAGE_NAME}-${VERSION}/index.html"
@sed -i 's/bundle.css/bundle-${VERSION}.css/' "dist/${PACKAGE_NAME}-${VERSION}/index.html"
# sed the svg version in css
@sed -i 's/${ARCHLOGO}/archlogo-${VERSION}.svg/' "dist/${PACKAGE_NAME}-${VERSION}/bundle-${VERSION}.css"
cd dist && tar --owner=0 --group=0 -czvf ${PACKAGE_NAME}-${VERSION}.tar.gz "${PACKAGE_NAME}-${VERSION}"
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