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Add a set of error classes

Add the Exception class `RepoManagementError` serving as a base, from
which `RepoManagementFileError` is derived, which serves as a general
Error class to signal problems with file interaction.
Add the Exception class `RepoManagementFileNotFoundError`, which is
derived from `RepoManagementFileError`.
Add `RepoManagementValidationError` which derives from
`RepoManagementError` and is raised on validation issues of file
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class RepoManagementError(Exception):
"""A class of Errors that is raised on issues with handling a repository database"""
class RepoManagementFileError(RepoManagementError):
"""An Error that is raised on issues with reading or writing files using repo_managment"""
class RepoManagementValidationError(RepoManagementError):
"""An Error that is raised on issues with validating files using repo_managment"""
class RepoManagementFileNotFoundError(RepoManagementFileError, FileNotFoundError):
"""An Error that is raised when a file can not be found"""
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