Unverified Commit 17639163 authored by Maxim Baz's avatar Maxim Baz
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db-move: allow moving to existing pkgbase, but only if version is increased

parent 3e7edd6c
......@@ -7,6 +7,8 @@ from fcntl import LOCK_EX, flock
from pathlib import Path
from sys import argv, exit
from pyalpm import vercmp
from lib.dbwrite import generate_dbs
......@@ -45,9 +47,14 @@ async def main(repo_from, repo_to, pkgbases) -> int:
f"pkgbase '{pkgbase}' is not present in the source repo '{repo_from}'"
if pkgbase in meta[repo_to]:
raise RuntimeError(
f"pkgbase '{pkgbase}' is already present in the destination repo '{repo_to}'"
# verify version is increasing
curver = meta[repo_to][pkgbase]["version"]
newver = meta[repo_from][pkgbase]["version"]
if vercmp(newver, curver) < 1:
raise RuntimeError(
f"Cannot move package '{pkgbase}' of version '{newver}'"
+ f" to override existing version '{curver}', version is not increased"
# move package info within `meta` objects and update json files
Path(metadir / repo_to).mkdir(exist_ok=True)
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