Verified Commit 250d124b authored by Jan Alexander Steffens (heftig)'s avatar Jan Alexander Steffens (heftig)
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Try to speed up transfer by caching packages' refs

parent bd7326f6
......@@ -99,10 +99,22 @@ async def main(_args) -> int:
lock_tag(pkggitdir, pkgver)
await run("git", "fetch", pkggitdir, f"refs/tags/{pkgver}")
tagref = "refs/last-tag"
cacherefs = f"refs/packages/{pkgbase}/*"
await run(
if pkgdir.exists():
await run("git", "rm", "-r", pkgdir)
await run("git", "read-tree", f"--prefix={pkgdir}", "-u", "FETCH_HEAD")
await run("git", "read-tree", f"--prefix={pkgdir}", "-u", tagref)
message.append(f"Released {pkgbase} {pkgver} to {repo}")
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