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db2json: init

Signed-off-by: Alad Wenter's avatarAlad Wenter <>
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Converts a pacman database into several JSON files, named after pkgbase. If
pkgbase is not available, fall back to pkgname.
Read `foo.db` and write the files to a given directory:
$ python3 <foo.db> <path/to/dir>
#!/usr/bin/env python3
# db2json - convert a foo.db.tar.gz into JSON
import io
import json
import sys
import tarfile
import warnings
def main():
# tarfile supports symbolic links, so the .db can be taken directly
db_path = sys.argv[1]
json_dir = sys.argv[2]
# mapping db section <-> JSON key
keys = {
'%BASE%': 'base',
'%VERSION%': 'version',
'%MAKEDEPENDS%': 'makedepends',
'%CHECKDEPENDS%': 'checkdepends',
'%FILENAME%': 'filename',
'%NAME%': 'name',
'%DESC%': 'desc',
'%GROUPS%': 'groups',
'%CSIZE%': 'csize',
'%ISIZE%': 'isize',
'%MD5SUM%': 'md5sum',
'%SHA256SUM%': 'sha256sum',
'%PGPSIG%': 'pgpsig',
'%URL%': 'url',
'%LICENSE%': 'licenses',
'%ARCH%': 'arch',
'%BUILDDATE%': 'builddate',
'%PACKAGER%': 'packager',
'%REPLACES%': 'replaces',
'%CONFLICTS%': 'conflicts',
'%PROVIDES%': 'provides',
'%DEPENDS%': 'depends',
'%OPTDEPENDS%': 'optdepends',
'%BACKUP%': 'backup',
'%FILES%': 'files'
# arch databases are always gzip
with, "r:gz") as db:
# as split packages for the same pkgbase may appear anywhere in the database,
# load them in memory and later write the merged structures to disk.
# warning: uses 400mb RES on community.files (~220mb uncompressed)
# (alternative: write and update intermediary results to disk)
base_dict = {}
# files (list of strings)
files = []
json_name = None
# 'files' may or may not appear before 'desc' in the tar archive; use a marker
# to indicate when it is encountered.
db_file_processed = None
while True:
curr =
# end of archive
if curr is None:
# process directory foo/{files,desc} only
if curr.isdir():
# reset markers
db_file_processed = None
json_name = None
# reset files list
files = []
# set up reading db entry
data = db.extractfile(curr).read()
data_io = io.BytesIO(data)
# check if we are in a files section
db_file ='/')[1]
if db_file == 'files':
for line in data_io.readlines():
rec = line.decode('utf-8').rstrip()
if rec == '%FILES%':
continue # skip header
if db_file_processed == 'desc':
if json_name is None:
raise ValueError(db_file[0] + ": files: pkgbase is undefined")
# add files list to matching (last appended) split package
base_dict[json_name]['packages'][-1]['files'] = files
# done processing 'files', continue to next entry
db_file_processed = 'files'
elif db_file == 'desc':
pass # begin processing of desc file below
raise ValueError(db_file + ": unknown file in database")
# marker for reading sections with multiple entries
in_section = None
# empty JSON structure (base)
base = {}
package = {}
for line in data_io.readlines():
# metadata fields may contain UTF-8
rec = line.decode('utf-8').rstrip()
if rec == str():
in_section = None
# we have entered a new section
elif in_section is None and rec in keys:
in_section = rec
elif in_section is None:
raise ValueError("Unknown section " + rec + " in database")
# base.json
if in_section == '%BASE%':
json_name = rec
# global metadata
elif in_section == '%VERSION%':
base['version'] = rec
elif in_section == '%MAKEDEPENDS%' or in_section == '%CHECKDEPENDS%':
key = keys[in_section]
if key in base:
base[key] = [rec]
# split metadata (packages), strings
elif (in_section == '%FILENAME%'
or in_section == '%NAME%'
or in_section == '%DESC%'
or in_section == '%MD5SUM%'
or in_section == '%SHA256SUM%'
or in_section == '%PGPSIG%'
or in_section == '%URL%'
or in_section == '%ARCH%'
or in_section == '%PACKAGER%'
key = keys[in_section]
package[key] = rec
# split metadata (packages), integers
elif (in_section == '%CSIZE%'
or in_section == '%ISIZE%'
or in_section == '%BUILDDATE%'
key = keys[in_section]
package[key] = int(rec)
# split metadata (packages), lists
elif (in_section == '%GROUPS%'
or in_section == '%LICENSE%'
or in_section == '%REPLACES%'
or in_section == '%CONFLICTS%'
or in_section == '%PROVIDES%'
or in_section == '%DEPENDS%'
or in_section == '%OPTDEPENDS%'
or in_section == '%BACKUP%'
key = keys[in_section]
if key in package:
package[key] = [rec]
# desc for very old packages may not contain %BASE%
if json_name is None:
pkgname = package['name']
warnings.warn(pkgname + ": %BASE% not set in database")
# fall back to pkgname.json
json_name = pkgname
# append contents of 'files' if seen before 'desc'
if db_file_processed == 'files':
if len(files) == 0:
raise ValueError(json_name + ': empty list of files')
package['files'] = files
# append package to matching pkgbase
if json_name in base_dict:
# check that global fields are unchanged (transitive)
if base_dict[json_name]['version'] != base['version']:
warnings.warn("split pkgver does not match pkgbase: " + package['name'])
# append split package information
# add first split package of pkgbase
base['packages'] = [package]
base_dict[json_name] = base
# done processing desc file
db_file_processed = 'desc'
# write json for pkgbase
for pb in base_dict.keys():
with open(json_dir + "/" + pb + ".json", "w") as j:
json.dump(base_dict[pb], j, sort_keys=True, indent=4)
if __name__ == '__main__':
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