Verified Commit 9d680881 authored by Jan Alexander Steffens (heftig)'s avatar Jan Alexander Steffens (heftig)
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db-update: Overhaul parsing

parent d4572f52
import asyncio
import base64
import hashlib
import json
from asyncio.subprocess import PIPE
from base64 import b64encode
from fcntl import LOCK_EX, flock
from hashlib import md5, sha256
from pathlib import Path
from sys import argv, exit
import pyalpm
from pyalpm import vercmp
from lib.dbwrite import generate_dbs
......@@ -38,12 +38,6 @@ def parse_gpgstatus(status: str) -> list:
return [line.split() for line in status.splitlines()]
def cleandict(obj):
if not isinstance(obj, dict):
return obj
return {k: cleandict(v) for k, v in obj.items() if v is not None}
async def run(*args):
args = [str(a) for a in args]
proc = await asyncio.create_subprocess_exec(*args)
......@@ -94,48 +88,97 @@ async def verify_gpg(pkgfile: Path):
def build_pkgmeta(pkgpath, pkginfo, pkgfiles):
hash_md5 = hashlib.md5()
hash_sha256 = hashlib.sha256()
hash_md5 = md5()
hash_sha256 = sha256()
with"rb") as f:
for chunk in iter(lambda:, b""):
pgpsig = None
with (pkgpath.parent / f"{}.sig").open(mode="rb") as f:
pgpsig = base64.b64encode(
pgpsig = pgpsig.decode()
return cleandict(
"name": pkginfo["pkgname"][0],
"desc": pkginfo["pkgdesc"][0],
"groups": pkginfo.get("group"),
"csize": pkgpath.stat().st_size,
"isize": int(pkginfo["size"][0]),
"md5sum": hash_md5.hexdigest(),
"sha256sum": hash_sha256.hexdigest(),
"pgpsig": pgpsig,
"url": pkginfo["url"][0],
"licenses": pkginfo.get("license"),
"arch": pkginfo["arch"][0],
"builddate": int(pkginfo["builddate"][0]),
"packager": pkginfo["packager"][0],
"depends": pkginfo.get("depend"),
"optdepends": pkginfo.get("optdepend"),
"replaces": pkginfo.get("replace"),
"conflicts": pkginfo.get("conflict"),
"provides": pkginfo.get("provides"),
"files": pkgfiles,
pgpsig = b64encode(
meta = {
"files": pkgfiles,
# Calculated
"csize": pkgpath.stat().st_size,
"md5sum": hash_md5.hexdigest(),
"sha256sum": hash_sha256.hexdigest(),
"pgpsig": pgpsig,
# Must-have fields
"name": pkginfo["pkgname"][0],
"desc": pkginfo["pkgdesc"][0],
"url": pkginfo["url"][0],
"builddate": int(pkginfo["builddate"][0]),
"packager": pkginfo["packager"][0],
"isize": int(pkginfo["size"][0]),
"arch": pkginfo["arch"][0],
# Arrays (may be empty)
def maybe(meta_field, info_field):
value = pkginfo.get(info_field)
if value:
meta[meta_field] = value
maybe("licenses", "license")
maybe("replaces", "replaces")
maybe("groups", "group")
maybe("conflicts", "conflict")
maybe("provides", "provides")
maybe("backup", "backup")
maybe("depends", "depend")
maybe("optdepends", "optdepend")
maybe("makedepends", "makedepend")
maybe("checkdepends", "checkdepend")
return meta
def build_repometa(packages):
repo = {}
for pkgpath, (pkginfo, pkgfiles) in packages.items():
pkgbase = pkginfo["pkgbase"][0]
except KeyError:
pkgbase = pkginfo["pkgname"][0]
pkgver = pkginfo["pkgver"][0]
makedepends = pkginfo.get("makedepend")
checkdepends = pkginfo.get("checkdepend")
baseinfo = repo.get(pkgbase)
if baseinfo is None:
baseinfo = repo[pkgbase] = {"version": pkgver, "packages": []}
if makedepends:
baseinfo["makedepends"] = makedepends
if checkdepends:
baseinfo["checkdepends"] = checkdepends
# validate that common fields of every pkg have
# the same values within the same pkgbase
if baseinfo["version"] != pkgver:
raise RuntimeError(f"pkgvers differ for pkgbase='{pkgbase}'")
if baseinfo.get("makedepends") != makedepends:
raise RuntimeError(f"makedepends differ for pkgbase='{pkgbase}'")
if baseinfo.get("checkdepends") != checkdepends:
raise RuntimeError(f"checkdepends differ for pkgbase='{pkgbase}'")
# transform pkg metadata
pkgmeta = build_pkgmeta(pkgpath, pkginfo, pkgfiles)
return repo
async def main() -> int:
metadir = (Path(argv[0]).parent / "meta").resolve(strict=True)
stagingdir = (Path(argv[0]).parent / "staging").resolve(strict=True)
# FIXME: Put this into metadir/.git/
lockfile = (metadir / "dbscripts.lock").open(mode="w")
flock(lockfile, LOCK_EX)
......@@ -158,52 +201,36 @@ async def main() -> int:
*(load(ps, p) for r, ps in packages.items() for p in ps.keys())
# parse new packages into repo metadata
pkgbases = {repo: build_repometa(ps) for repo, ps in sorted(packages.items())}
# load existing repo metadata
meta = {
repo: {
p.stem: json.load((metadir / repo / p).open())
for p in (metadir / repo).glob("*.json")
for repo in packages.keys()
def json_load(path):
with as f:
return json.load(f)
# prepare meta structure
pkgbases = {r: {} for r in packages.keys()}
for repo, ps in sorted(packages.items()):
for pkgpath, (pkginfo, pkgfiles) in ps.items():
pkgbase = pkginfo["pkgbase"][0]
except KeyError:
pkgbase = pkginfo["pkgname"][0]
if pkgbase not in pkgbases[repo]:
pkgbases[repo][pkgbase] = {
"version": pkginfo["pkgver"][0],
"makedepends": pkginfo.get("makedepend"),
"checkdepends": pkginfo.get("checkdepend"),
"packages": [],
# verify version is increasing
if pkgbase in meta[repo]:
curver = meta[repo][pkgbase]["version"]
newver = pkgbases[repo][pkgbase]["version"]
if pyalpm.vercmp(newver, curver) < 1:
raise RuntimeError(
f"Cannot update package '{pkgbase}' from version '{curver}' to '{newver}', version is not increased"
# validate that common fields of every pkg have the same values within the same pkgbase
if (
pkgbases[repo][pkgbase]["version"] != pkginfo["pkgver"][0]
or pkgbases[repo][pkgbase]["makedepends"] != pkginfo.get("makedepend")
or pkgbases[repo][pkgbase]["checkdepends"] != pkginfo.get("checkdepend")
raise RuntimeError(f"Common fields differ in pkgbase='{pkgbase}'")
# load pkg metadata
build_pkgmeta(pkgpath, pkginfo, pkgfiles)
def repo_load(repo):
repodir = metadir / repo
return {p.stem: json_load(repodir / p) for p in repodir.glob("*.json")}
meta = {repo: repo_load(repo) for repo in pkgbases.keys()}
# validate new packages against existing repo
for repo, ps in pkgbases.items():
metarepo = meta[repo]
for pkgbase, baseinfo in ps.items():
curbaseinfo = metarepo.get(pkgbase)
if curbaseinfo is None:
# verify version is increasing
curver = curbaseinfo["version"]
newver = baseinfo["version"]
if vercmp(newver, curver) < 1:
raise RuntimeError(
f"Cannot update package '{pkgbase}' from version '{curver}'"
+ f" to '{newver}', version is not increased"
# save meta info to json files and update `meta` object
for repo, ps in pkgbases.items():
......@@ -212,7 +239,7 @@ async def main() -> int:
metafile = metadir / repo / f"{pkgbase}.json"
with"w", encoding="utf-8") as f:
json.dump(pkgs, f, ensure_ascii=False, indent=4, sort_keys=True)
meta[repo][pkgbase] = pkgs
# rebuild DB file using `meta` object
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