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Add initial tests for convert

Add initial tests for the convert module by adding a parametrized test
for `_files_data_to_dict()`.
parent 02936e68
import io
from contextlib import nullcontext as does_not_raise
from os.path import dirname, join, realpath
from typing import ContextManager
from pytest import mark, raises
from repo_management import convert
RESOURCES = join(dirname(realpath(__file__)), "resources")
"file_data, expectation",
("%FILES%\nusr/\nusr/lib/\n", does_not_raise()),
("%FILES%usr/\nusr/lib/\n", raises(RuntimeError)),
("usr/\nusr/lib/\n", raises(RuntimeError)),
("usr/%FILES%\nusr/lib/\n", raises(RuntimeError)),
def test__files_data_to_dict(
file_data: str,
expectation: ContextManager[str],
) -> None:
with expectation:
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