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Legal agreements concerning Arch Linux services and contributions
- [**Privacy Policy**](privacy-policy.adoc)
- [**Terms of Service**](terms-of-service.adoc)
- [**Code of Conduct**](
- [**Privacy Policy**](content/docs/privacy-policy.adoc) (published [here](
- [**Terms of Service**](content/docs/terms-of-service.adoc) (published [here](
- [**Code of Conduct**](content/docs/ (published [here](
## Changing these documents
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To Be Written
title: "Code of Conduct"
Arch Linux Code of Conduct
......@@ -21,10 +25,6 @@ aggravating themselves or encroaching on the freedom of others. Embracing these
obeying the guidelines therefore benefits the entire community by providing freedom from the
disorder and other oppressive, harmful and negative consequences of a more chaotic approach.
_Table of contents_:
## Common sense introduction
- If you choose to use the Arch Linux distribution, you are welcomed, and encouraged to embrace the
= Arch Linux Privacy Policy
Version: 2021-07-18
title: "Privacy Policy"
= Arch Linux Privacy Policy
Version: 2021-07-18
== Privacy Policy
The Arch Linux Team (hereinafter referred to as "Arch" or "we") operates the website and its services
available on the Internet at including the respective sub-directories (hereinafter
= Arch Linux Terms of Service
Version: 2021-07-18
title: "Terms of Service"
= Arch Linux Terms of Service
Version: 2021-07-18
== Scope of the Terms of Service
=== Definitions
The following Terms of Service contain the rules for the use of the internet Platform Arch Linux,
......@@ -68,7 +72,7 @@ offensive hostility. Users are obliged to behave lawfully, appropriately and res
in exchanges with other Users, including the use of appropriate language and refraining from
providing untrue statements. In addition, Users agree to comply with our[General Guidelines] and agree to behave according to our[Code of Conduct].
link:{{< ref "docs/code-of-conduct" >}}[Code of Conduct].
=== Content and Conduct
If Users operate an account to Interactive Services in particular, if you upload packages,
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