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Add a *draft* of a more fleshed out "Enforcement" section

The current enforcement procedure is not very specific and as a result it can
be hard to enforce: it is unclear who can be contacted if behaviour running
afoul of the Code of Conduct is witnessed, who makes the final decision on the
actions taken, how these decisions are communicated, ... The current procedure
is also geared quite specifically towards users, it is not clear what happens
if staff members are directly involved.

Try to clarify the open questions by outlining a standard procedure that should
be followed, while trying to keep the spirit of the current enforcement
procedure (issue a warning first by default, if it goes unheeded, further
actions can be taken).
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## Enforcement
If the staff in any of the fora considers that a member's behaviour is unacceptable and warrants
intervention, a warning will typically be issued unless the occurrence is judged to be especially
flagrant, in which case a ban may be issued immediately. Warnings will not be discussed on the Arch
Forums, IRC channels, or mailing lists by the staff. If the warning goes unheeded, further action
will be taken. This may range from locking the offending user account, to deletion or banning of
the user, out of consideration for a peaceful forum and community. Actions are usually conducted on
a case-by-case basis.
Each of the fora has an appeal process and if someone feels they were unjustly dealt with, they are
encouraged to plead their case for reinstatement through the appropriate channel (see below).
Behaviour running afoul of the guidelines layed out in this document should be reported in private
to the moderators of the respective forum first, see the following section for the appropriate
points of contact. If this is not possible, e.g. when the behaviour directly involves Arch Linux
staff, the Arch Linux project leader should be contacted instead.
All reports will be treated confidentally in order to respect the privacy of all parties involved.
If deemed necessary and appropriate, other Arch Linux staff members can be involved in the
discussion, but must uphold the same principles of confidentiality.
The responsible body will take the report of the incident under consideration and decide on the
appropriate reaction. All reports will be taken seriously and be processed in a timely manner. The
response is determined on a case by case basis. Possible actions can be, but are not limited to:
issue a warning, temporarily or permanently suspending or deleting the user account, or in extreme
cases, a ban from all Arch Linux projects.
As a general rule, for first-time offences a warning is usually the appropriate reaction, unless the
occurrence is judged to be especially flagrant, in which case a ban may be issued immediately. Such
a warning will usually be communicated in private to the user and needs to be acknowledged in
writing in order to make sure that the user has read and understood the scope of their
transgression. If the warning goes unheeded, further action will be taken, commonly resulting in a
temporary or permanent suspension.
All actions taken, such as warnings or suspensions, will be communicated to the affected user(s) in
private. If a user feels treated unjustly by such a decision, they may appeal to the appropriate
channel as described in the next section. If possible, the appeal should be handled by a different
staff member this time, e.g. by a different moderator, or the project leader if necessary.
## Contacting the staff
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