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Move "Correctness" under "Examples"; promote "Arch support only" to separate section

The remaining introduction of the "Correctness" section can be moved under
"Examples of unwanted behaviour" under the umbrella term "overly broad
questions". Add a link for "help vampirism" from the now removed Forum
guidelines to this subsection to make it a little clearer what kind of
questions are unwanted.

The remaining "Arch Linux distribution support ONLY" subsection doesn't really
fit into the rest of the Code of Conduct, so promote it to a separate section
to make it more visible.
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......@@ -166,16 +166,16 @@ If you have a question regarding Arch development, ensure that your topic poses
and be open-minded to responses. If possible, provide a solution or partial solution. Submitting
code and patches for discussion is always more pragmatic than asking others to do it for you.
### Correctness
#### Overly broad questions and help vampirism
The Arch Linux community values technical correctness. When seeking or giving help, remember to
strive for accuracy, completeness and correctness. An excellent introduction to the expectations of
the Arch community is ESR's [How To Ask Questions The Smart Way](
Other considerations in this category include:
Do not be a ["help vampire"](
#### Arch Linux distribution support ONLY
### Arch Linux distribution support ONLY
Arch-based distributions have their own support fora and users of those distributions should be
actively encouraged to seek support there. These distributions often use different packages,
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