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    Docker: add [c]git, nginx, fastapi, php-fpm, ca · 2a3df086
    Kevin Morris authored
    Now, we have a full collection of services used to run
    aurweb over HTTPS using a self-signed CA.
    New Docker services:
    - `ca` - Certificate authority services
        - When the `ca` service is run, it will (if needed) generate
          a CA certificate and leaf certificate for localhost AUR
          access. This ca is then shared with things like nginx to
          use the leaf certificate. Users can import
          `./cache/ca.root.pem` into their browser or ca-certificates
          as a root CA who issued aurweb's certificate.
    - `git` - Start sshd and set it up for aur git access
    - `cgit` - Serve cgit with uwsgi on port 3000
    - `fastapi` - Serve our FastAPI app with `hypercorn` on port 8000
    - `php-fpm` - Serve our PHP-wise aurweb
    - `nginx` - Serve FastAPI, PHP and CGit with an HTTPS certificate.
        - PHP: https://localhost:8443
        - PHP CGit: https://localhost:8443/cgit
        - FastAPI: https://localhost:8444
        - FastAPI CGit: https://localhost:8444/cgit
    Short of it: Run ...