Commit 80a82a0f authored by pjmattal's avatar pjmattal
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committed patch to russian title and typo from Sergej

parent 256eb254
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ global $_t;
$_t["ru"]["Statistics"] = "Статистика";
$_t["ru"]["Remember to vote for your favourite packages!"] = "Не забывайте голосвать за полюбившиеся вам пакеты!";
$_t["ru"]["Remember to vote for your favourite packages!"] = "Не забывайте голосовать за полюбившиеся вам пакеты!";
$_t["ru"]["Error looking up username, %s."] = "Ошибка поиска имени пользователя, %s.";
......@@ -405,7 +405,7 @@ function html_header() {
print "<a href='".$_SERVER["PHP_SELF"]."?setlang=es'><span class='sideBarSmallHeader'>Español</span></a> ";
print "<a href='".$_SERVER["PHP_SELF"]."?setlang=de'><span class='sideBarSmallHeader'>Deutsch</span></a> ";
print "<a href='".$_SERVER["PHP_SELF"]."?setlang=fr'><span class='sideBarSmallHeader'>Français</span></a>";
print "<a href='".$_SERVER["PHP_SELF"]."?setlang=ru'><span class='sideBarSmallHeader'>Russian</span></a>";
print "<a href='".$_SERVER["PHP_SELF"]."?setlang=ru'><span class='sideBarSmallHeader'>Русский</span></a>";
print " </td>\n";
print " </tr>\n";
print " </table>\n";
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