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Release v6.1.3 - Updates, Bugfixes, RPC OpenAPI, CSP

- 7fed5742: display requests for TUs which no longer have an associated User
- a629098b: conditional display on Request's 'Filed by' field
- 0388b128: package description on /packages/{name} view
- 310c469b: run pre-commit checks instead of flake8 and isort
- b38e765d: (deps) update dependency aiofiles to ^0.8.0
- cdc7bd61: (deps) update dependency email-validator to v1.2.1
- a981ae40: (deps) update dependency httpx to ^0.23.0
- a73af3e7: (deps) update dependency hypercorn to ^0.14.0
- bb310bdf: (deps) update dependency uvicorn to ^0.18.0
- 486f8bd6: (deps) update dependency aiofiles to v22
- 6ab9663b: (deps) update dependency authlib to v1
- 7ad22d81: (deps) update dependency bcrypt to v4
- 3de17311: (deps) update dependency bleach to v5
- 307d944c: (deps) update dependency protobuf to v4
- 69d67247: (deps) update dependency redis to v4
- a2d08e44: (docker) run `pre-commit run -a` once
- 03776c46: (docker) cache & install pre-commit deps during image build
- b3853e01: (pre-commit) include migrations in fixes/checks
- 4e061846: (test) JSONResponse() requires a content argument with fastapi 0.83.0
- bb6e602e: (deps) update dependency fastapi to ^0.83.0

- df0a4a2b: (rpc) add /rpc/v5/{type} openapi-compatible routes
- 9faa7b80: add to script/style CSP

miscellaneous tasks:
- a84d115f: (deps) add renovate.json
- 655402a5: (deps) update dependency pytest-asyncio to ^0.19.0
- a39f34d6: (deps) update dependency pytest to v7

- 83ddbd22: get /requests displays all requests, including those without a User
- 25e05830: test that /packages/{name} produces the package's description

- 5e75a00c: bump to version v6.1.3