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chore: avoid inception mods by declaring sub components as core

parent 11091ee1
pub mod gitlab;
pub mod core;
pub mod types;
pub use crate::components::gitlab::gitlab::GitLabGlue;
pub use crate::components::gitlab::core::GitLabGlue;
pub mod keycloak;
pub mod core;
pub use crate::components::keycloak::keycloak::Keycloak;
pub use crate::components::keycloak::core::Keycloak;
use args::*;
mod args;
use state::State;
mod state;
use state::State;
mod util;
mod components;
use components::gitlab::GitLabGlue;
use components::keycloak::Keycloak;
......@@ -21,8 +24,8 @@ use tokio::sync::Mutex;
async fn run(args: Args) -> Result<()> {
/* Early exit for completions */
if let Command::Completions(completions) = args.command {
return Ok(());
return Ok(());
let state = Arc::new(Mutex::new(State::default()));
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