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Creation of admin user should be idempotent

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......@@ -18,10 +18,22 @@
- restart keycloak
- name: request a bearer token
method: POST
body_format: form-urlencoded
username: "{{ vault_keycloak_admin_user }}"
password: "{{ vault_keycloak_admin_password }}"
grant_type: password
client_id: admin-cli
ignore_errors: True
register: token
- name: create an admin user
command: /opt/keycloak/bin/add-user-keycloak.sh -r master -u "{{ vault_keycloak_admin_user }}" -p "{{ vault_keycloak_admin_password }}"
creates: /opt/keycloak/standalone/configuration/keycloak-add-user.json
when: token.status == 401
- name: start and enable keycloak
service: name=keycloak enabled=yes state=started
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