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Extend onboarding information for signing keys

Extend the information for onboarding of packager signing keys and new
main signing keys, including comments on who is supposed to create the
tickets towards the archlinux-keyring project.
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......@@ -21,6 +21,17 @@ The mailing list password can be found in misc/additional-credentials.vault.
- [ ] Give the user access to `#archlinux-staff` on Freenode
- [ ] Give the user a link to our [staff services page](
## Packager onboarding checklist
<!-- The ticket should be created by a sponsor of the new packager -->
- [ ] Create [issue in archlinux-keyring]( (choose *"New Packager Key"* template)
## Main key onboarding checklist
- [ ] Add new user email for the `` subdomain as per `docs/`.
<!-- The ticket should be created by the developer becoming a new main key holder -->
- [ ] Create [issue in archlinux-keyring]( (choose *"New Main Key"* template)
## Developer onboarding checklist
- [ ] Add entry in `group_vars/all/archusers.yml`.
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