1. 10 Jul, 2021 2 commits
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      Avoid running backup-gitlab twice; reuse tarballs · 5c953c00
      Evangelos Foutras authored
      The official backup tool for GitLab takes many hours to run because it
      puts everything inside tarballs and then gzips each one. It seems safe
      and much more efficient to skip this step for the offsite backup while
      reusing the tarballs generated by the first backup to the Storage Box.
      Should save ~5 hours from the borg-backup-offsite.service execution.
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      Use restrict key option and relative borg command · 3561a383
      Evangelos Foutras authored
      No functional change; the "restrict" key option is a shorthand for:
      - no-agent-forwarding
      - no-port-forwarding
      - no-X11-forwarding
      - no-pty
      - no-user-rc
      It was added in OpenSSH 7.2 (2016-02-29) as a convenient way to specify
      an authorized key should have "all current and future key restrictions"
      applied to it.
      Also switch to a relative borg command since its location is not really
      standardized; on rsync.net it appears to be located under usr/local/bin
      (though /usr/bin/borg works too, even if it doesn't exist!) and Hetzner
      just forces its own command, ignoring ours. 🐱
      The Borg documentation seems to agree with both the above alterations:
      [1] https://borgbackup.readthedocs.io/en/stable/usage/serve.html
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      Create snapshot with current db and gitlab backups · 4bc877e6
      Evangelos Foutras authored
      The helper scripts that create mysql/postgres database dumps as well as
      the script running gitlab-backup were executed after the btrfs snapshot
      was taken. This resulted in stale db and gitlab backups (from last run).
      Move execution of these helper scripts further up so their outputs get
      included in the btrfs snapshot.
      Reported-by: Kristian Klausen's avatarKristian Klausen <kristian@klausen.dk>
  13. 27 Jun, 2021 1 commit
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      Add Borg Backups dashboard · e1ad24fa
      Evangelos Foutras authored
      Currently only tracks repo sizes and total backup space used (as a sum
      of the former, not the real exact space used on each storage location).