Commit b8a9d66d authored by Roman Gushchin's avatar Roman Gushchin Committed by NeilBrown
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md/raid5: fix locking in handle_stripe_clean_event()

After commit 566c09c5 ("raid5: relieve lock contention in get_active_stripe()")
__find_stripe() is called under conf->hash_locks + hash.
But handle_stripe_clean_event() calls remove_hash() under

Under some cirscumstances the hash chain can be circuited,
and we get an infinite loop with disabled interrupts and locked hash
lock in __find_stripe(). This leads to hard lockup on multiple CPUs
and following system crash.

I was able to reproduce this behavior on raid6 over 6 ssd disks.
The devices_handle_discard_safely option should be set to enable trim
support. The following script was used:

for i in `seq 1 32`; do
    dd if=/dev/zero of=large$i bs=10M count=100 &

neilb: original was against a 3.x kernel.  I forward-ported
  to 4.3-rc.  This verison is suitable for any kernel since
  Commit: 59fc630b

 ("RAID5: batch adjacent full stripe write")
  (v4.1+).  I'll post a version for earlier kernels to stable.
Signed-off-by: default avatarRoman Gushchin <>
Fixes: 566c09c5

 ("raid5: relieve lock contention in get_active_stripe()")
Signed-off-by: default avatarNeilBrown <>
Cc: Shaohua Li <>
Cc: <> # 3.13 - 4.2
parent 8bce6d35
......@@ -3499,6 +3499,7 @@ static void handle_stripe_clean_event(struct r5conf *conf,
if (!discard_pending &&
test_bit(R5_Discard, &sh->dev[sh->pd_idx].flags)) {
int hash;
clear_bit(R5_Discard, &sh->dev[sh->pd_idx].flags);
clear_bit(R5_UPTODATE, &sh->dev[sh->pd_idx].flags);
if (sh->qd_idx >= 0) {
......@@ -3512,16 +3513,17 @@ static void handle_stripe_clean_event(struct r5conf *conf,
* no updated data, so remove it from hash list and the stripe
* will be reinitialized
hash = sh->hash_lock_index;
spin_lock_irq(conf->hash_locks + hash);
spin_unlock_irq(conf->hash_locks + hash);
if (head_sh->batch_head) {
sh = list_first_entry(&sh->batch_list,
struct stripe_head, batch_list);
if (sh != head_sh)
goto unhash;
sh = head_sh;
if (test_bit(STRIPE_SYNC_REQUESTED, &sh->state))
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