Commit d6014301 authored by Aneesh Kumar K.V's avatar Aneesh Kumar K.V Committed by Theodore Ts'o
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ext4: Fix discard of inode prealloc space with delayed allocation.

With delayed allocation we should not/cannot discard inode prealloc
space during file close. We would still have dirty pages for which we
haven't allocated blocks yet. With this fix after each get_blocks
request we check whether we have zero reserved blocks and if yes and
we don't have any writers on the file we discard inode prealloc space.

Signed-off-by: default avatarAneesh Kumar K.V <>
Signed-off-by: default avatar"Theodore Ts'o" <>
parent 8750c6d5
......@@ -39,7 +39,8 @@ static int ext4_release_file(struct inode *inode, struct file *filp)
/* if we are the last writer on the inode, drop the block reservation */
if ((filp->f_mode & FMODE_WRITE) &&
(atomic_read(&inode->i_writecount) == 1))
(atomic_read(&inode->i_writecount) == 1) &&
......@@ -1067,9 +1067,16 @@ static void ext4_da_update_reserve_space(struct inode *inode, int used)
* free those over-booking quota for metadata blocks
if (mdb_free)
vfs_dq_release_reservation_block(inode, mdb_free);
* If we have done all the pending block allocations and if
* there aren't any writers on the inode, we can discard the
* inode's preallocations.
if (!total && (atomic_read(&inode->i_writecount) == 0))
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