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    • Li RongQing's avatar
      net: sysctl: fix a kmemleak warning · ce9d9b8e
      Li RongQing authored
      the returned buffer of register_sysctl() is stored into net_header
      variable, but net_header is not used after, and compiler maybe
      optimise the variable out, and lead kmemleak reported the below warning
      	comm "swapper/0", pid 1, jiffies 4294937448 (age 267.270s)
      	hex dump (first 32 bytes):
      	90 38 8b 01 c0 ff ff ff 00 00 00 00 01 00 00 00 .8..............
      	01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ................
      	[<ffffffc00020f134>] create_object+0x10c/0x2a0
      	[<ffffffc00070ff44>] kmemleak_alloc+0x54/0xa0
      	[<ffffffc0001fe378>] __kmalloc+0x1f8/0x4f8
      	[<ffffffc00028e984>] __register_sysctl_table+0x64/0x5a0
      	[<ffffffc00028eef0>] register_sysctl+0x30/0x40
      	[<ffffffc00099c304>] net_sysctl_init+0x20/0x58
      	[<ffffffc000994dd8>] sock_init+0x10/0xb0
      	[<ffffffc0000842e0>] do_one_initcall+0x90/0x1b8
      	[<ffffffc000966bac>] kernel_init_freeable+0x218/0x2f0
      	[<ffffffc00070ed6c>] kernel_init+0x1c/0xe8
      	[<ffffffc000083bfc>] ret_from_fork+0xc/0x50
      	[<ffffffffffffffff>] 0xffffffffffffffff <<end check kmemleak>>
      Before fix, the objdump result on ARM64:
      0000000000000000 <net_sysctl_init>:
         0:   a9be7bfd        stp     x29, x30, [sp,#-32]!
         4:   90000001        adrp    x1, 0 <net_sysctl_init>
         8:   90000000        adrp    x0, 0 <net_sysctl_init>
         c:   910003fd        mov     x29, sp
        10:   91000021        add     x1, x1, #0x0
        14:   91000000        add     x0, x0, #0x0
        18:   a90153f3        stp     x19, x20, [sp,#16]
        1c:   12800174        mov     w20, #0xfffffff4                // #-12
        20:   94000000        bl      0 <register_sysctl>
        24:   b4000120        cbz     x0, 48 <net_sysctl_init+0x48>
        28:   90000013        adrp    x19, 0 <net_sysctl_init>
        2c:   91000273        add     x19, x19, #0x0
        30:   9101a260        add     x0, x19, #0x68
        34:   94000000        bl      0 <register_pernet_subsys>
        38:   2a0003f4        mov     w20, w0
        3c:   35000060        cbnz    w0, 48 <net_sysctl_init+0x48>
        40:   aa1303e0        mov     x0, x19
        44:   94000000        bl      0 <register_sysctl_root>
        48:   2a1403e0        mov     w0, w20
        4c:   a94153f3        ldp     x19, x20, [sp,#16]
        50:   a8c27bfd        ldp     x29, x30, [sp],#32
        54:   d65f03c0        ret
      0000000000000000 <net_sysctl_init>:
         0:   a9bd7bfd        stp     x29, x30, [sp,#-48]!
         4:   90000000        adrp    x0, 0 <net_sysctl_init>
         8:   910003fd        mov     x29, sp
         c:   a90153f3        stp     x19, x20, [sp,#16]
        10:   90000013        adrp    x19, 0 <net_sysctl_init>
        14:   91000000        add     x0, x0, #0x0
        18:   91000273        add     x19, x19, #0x0
        1c:   f90013f5        str     x21, [sp,#32]
        20:   aa1303e1        mov     x1, x19
        24:   12800175        mov     w21, #0xfffffff4                // #-12
        28:   94000000        bl      0 <register_sysctl>
        2c:   f9002260        str     x0, [x19,#64]
        30:   b40001a0        cbz     x0, 64 <net_sysctl_init+0x64>
        34:   90000014        adrp    x20, 0 <net_sysctl_init>
        38:   91000294        add     x20, x20, #0x0
        3c:   9101a280        add     x0, x20, #0x68
        40:   94000000        bl      0 <register_pernet_subsys>
        44:   2a0003f5        mov     w21, w0
        48:   35000080        cbnz    w0, 58 <net_sysctl_init+0x58>
        4c:   aa1403e0        mov     x0, x20
        50:   94000000        bl      0 <register_sysctl_root>
        54:   14000004        b       64 <net_sysctl_init+0x64>
        58:   f9402260        ldr     x0, [x19,#64]
        5c:   94000000        bl      0 <unregister_sysctl_table>
        60:   f900227f        str     xzr, [x19,#64]
        64:   2a1503e0        mov     w0, w21
        68:   f94013f5        ldr     x21, [sp,#32]
        6c:   a94153f3        ldp     x19, x20, [sp,#16]
        70:   a8c37bfd        ldp     x29, x30, [sp],#48
        74:   d65f03c0        ret
      Add the possible error handle to free the net_header to remove the
      kmemleak warning
      Signed-off-by: default avatarLi RongQing <>
      Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
    • Guillaume Nault's avatar
      ppp: fix pppoe_dev deletion condition in pppoe_release() · 1acea4f6
      Guillaume Nault authored
      We can't rely on PPPOX_ZOMBIE to decide whether to clear po->pppoe_dev.
      PPPOX_ZOMBIE can be set by pppoe_disc_rcv() even when po->pppoe_dev is
      NULL. So we have no guarantee that (sk->sk_state & PPPOX_ZOMBIE) implies
      (po->pppoe_dev != NULL).
      Since we're releasing a PPPoE socket, we want to release the pppoe_dev
      if it exists and reset sk_state to PPPOX_DEAD, no matter the previous
      value of sk_state. So we can just check for po->pppoe_dev and avoid any
      assumption on sk->sk_state.
      Fixes: 2b018d57
       ("pppoe: drop PPPOX_ZOMBIEs in pppoe_release")
      Signed-off-by: default avatarGuillaume Nault <>
      Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
    • Li RongQing's avatar
      af_key: fix two typos · f6b8dec9
      Li RongQing authored
      Signed-off-by: default avatarLi RongQing <>
      Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
    • Lendacky, Thomas's avatar
      amd-xgbe: Use wmb before updating current descriptor count · 20a41fba
      Lendacky, Thomas authored
      The code currently uses the lightweight dma_wmb barrier before updating
      the current descriptor count. Under heavy load, the Tx cleanup routine
      was seeing the updated current descriptor count before the updated
      descriptor information. As a result, the Tx descriptor was being cleaned
      up before it was used because it was not "owned" by the hardware yet,
      resulting in a Tx queue hang.
      Using the wmb barrier insures that the descriptor is updated before the
      descriptor counter preventing the Tx queue hang. For extra insurance,
      the Tx cleanup routine is changed to grab the current decriptor count on
      entry and uses that initial value in the processing loop rather than
      trying to chase the current value.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarTom Lendacky <>
      Tested-by: default avatarChristoffer Dall <>
      Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
    • Nathan Sullivan's avatar
      net/phy: micrel: Add workaround for bad autoneg · d2fd719b
      Nathan Sullivan authored
      Very rarely, the KSZ9031 will appear to complete autonegotiation, but
      will drop all traffic afterwards.  When this happens, the idle error
      count will read 0xFF after autonegotiation completes.  Reset the PHY
      when in that state.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarNathan Sullivan <>
      Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>