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rfc0005: initial version

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Move distribution guidelines to a Git repo
- Date proposed: 2021-08-13
- RFC MR: https://gitlab.archlinux.org/archlinux/rfcs/-/merge_requests/0005
Put distribution guidlelines in a Git repository and enforece a review process.
Currently, distribution guidelines (packaging guidelines, etc.) are in the Arch
Wiki. As the Arch Wiki is open to the public for edits, anyone can change the
guidelines. Having the guidelines in this format fuments lack of discussion, as
there is no review process enforced. Review is solely based on people watching
the wiki page and noticing changes. This results in low-quality and inconsistent
guidelines. Lastly, the discussion process (via the wiki talk page) is not very
friendly, which has surely demotivated/stopped people from contributing to the
The guidelines in the Arch Wiki, should be moved to a new repository on our
Gitlab instance.
All changes must be reviewed by at least one Arch Linux staff member, other than
the author.
Large changes (changes that substancially change core of the guidelines) must
go through the RFC process.
Additionally, during the review of a guideline change, any Arch Linux staff may
request the discussion to be moved to the RFC process, and this request shall be
honored if it is backed by at least one other staff member.
Having the guidelines in a Gitlab repo and enforcing a review process will
higher the bar for contributions.
Unresolved Questions
Should we have assigned reviewers for each guidelines?
Alternatives Considered
We could add a review process to the guidelines and still keep them in the Arch
Wiki, though I believe moving then to a Git repo is just easier.
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