Commit 9ce8c595 authored by David Runge's avatar David Runge 🐿 Committed by Christian Hesse
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Extend remove packager key issue template

.gitlab/issue_templates/Remove Packager
Add a subsection for main key holders that specifically tracks the
status on the key signature revocation.
parent 9bfb6732
......@@ -22,3 +22,13 @@ issue and assign relevant users.
- [ ] There are no packages left in any of the official repositories, that are
signed by the key, that is about to be removed.
### Main key holders
- [ ] All main key holders have revoked their signature for the key and
published the result on the SKS infrastructure
- [ ] @allan
- [ ] @anthraxx
- [ ] @bluewind
- [ ] @dvzrv
- [ ] @pierre
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