Verified Commit cee28609 authored by David Runge's avatar David Runge 🐿
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Resignation of bpiotrowski

Revoke key ID F3691687D867B81B51CE07D9BBE43771487328A9 of bpiotrowski
due to resignation.

Closes #8
parent 38c96658
......@@ -13,7 +13,6 @@ E240B57E2C4630BA768E2F26FC1B547C8D8172C8 anthraxx
FE5AFA6D5DE0070ADFA21BC5E074B83653CBB7BA bastelfreak
CE0BDE71A759A87F23F0F7D8B61DBCE10901C163 bgyorgy
CFA6AF15E5C74149FC1D8C086D1655C14CE1C13E bluewind
F3691687D867B81B51CE07D9BBE43771487328A9 bpiotrowski
6EA3F3F3B9082632A9CBE931D53A0445B47A0DAB cbehan
CC5967D4095B4F3B42D45FA081A402D4F382BBBD cesura
54EB4D6DB209862C8945CACCED84945B35B2555C coderobe
......@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@
779CD2942629B7FA04AB8F172E89012331361F01 arcanis Removal of inactive TU
1A60DC44245D06FEF90623D6EEEEE2EEEE2EEEEE bisson Resignation
5A2257D19FF7E1E0E415968CE62F853100F0D0F0 bisson User has issued a new key
F3691687D867B81B51CE07D9BBE43771487328A9 bpiotrowski Resignation
66BD74A036D522F51DD70A3C7F2A16726521E06D cbrannon Resignation
9515D8A8EAB88E49BB65EDBCE6B456CAF15447D5 cinelli Removal of inactive TU
BC1FBE4D2826A0B51E47ED62E2539214C6C11350 cinelli User is no longer in possession of his key
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