Verified Commit f0b827ec authored by David Runge's avatar David Runge 🐿
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Add main key dvzrv

Add new main key 2AC0A42EFB0B5CBC7A0402ED4DC95B6D7BE9892E

Closes #5
parent cee28609
AB19265E5D7D20687D303246BA1DFB64FFF979E7 allan
D8AFDDA07A5B6EDFA7D8CCDAD6D055F927843F1C anthraxx
DDB867B92AA789C165EEFA799B729B06A680C281 bpiotrowski
2AC0A42EFB0B5CBC7A0402ED4DC95B6D7BE9892E dvzrv
91FFE0700E80619CEB73235CA88E23E377514E00 florian
0E8B644079F599DFC1DDC3973348882F6AC6A4C2 pierre
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