Unverified Commit 2fc6d9f3 authored by Eli Schwartz's avatar Eli Schwartz Committed by Santiago Torres-Arias
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pacstrap: usie NoExtract to prune dead weight

A docker container does not need tons of locales in order to do its job,
nor does it need extensive (or any) documentation.

With this change, a bare pacstrapped directory drops from 500MB to 390MB
parent e5ee97ef
......@@ -2,3 +2,4 @@
......@@ -10,6 +10,8 @@ hooks:
rootfs: hooks
mkdir -vp $(BUILDDIR)/var/lib/pacman/
cp /usr/share/devtools/pacman-extra.conf rootfs/etc/pacman.conf
cat pacman-conf.d-noextract.conf >> rootfs/etc/pacman.conf
fakechroot -- fakeroot -- pacman -Sy -r $(BUILDDIR) \
--noconfirm --dbpath $(PWD)/$(BUILDDIR)/var/lib/pacman \
--config pacman.conf \
NoExtract = usr/share/help/* !usr/share/help/en*
NoExtract = usr/share/gtk-doc/html/* usr/share/doc/*
NoExtract = usr/share/locale/* usr/share/X11/locale/* usr/share/i18n/*
NoExtract = !*locale*/en*/* !usr/share/i18n/charmaps/UTF-8.gz !usr/share/*locale*/locale.*
NoExtract = !usr/share/*locales/en_?? !usr/share/*locales/i18n* !usr/share/*locales/iso*
NoExtract = !usr/share/*locales/trans*
NoExtract = usr/share/man/* usr/share/info/*
NoExtract = usr/share/vim/vim*/lang/*
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