Unverified Commit 8ec2549c authored by Santiago Torres-Arias's avatar Santiago Torres-Arias
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Dockerfile,Makefile: use a compressed tarball

When building the image for publishing in the infrastructure, we need a
rootfs that's <100MB, due to github filesize restrictions (this, plus
the fact that there's no git-lfs support for building in the docker
library toolchain). Compress the rootfs image so that it can be
hosted on github.
parent e612e65b
FROM scratch
ADD archlinux.tar /
ADD archlinux.tar.xz /
CMD ["/usr/bin/bash"]
......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ rootfs:
arch-chroot $(TMPDIR) locale-gen
arch-chroot $(TMPDIR) pacman-key --init
arch-chroot $(TMPDIR) pacman-key --populate archlinux
tar --numeric-owner --xattrs --acls --exclude-from=exclude -C $(TMPDIR) -c . -f archlinux.tar
tar --numeric-owner --xattrs --acls --exclude-from=exclude -C $(TMPDIR) -c . -xf archlinux.tar.xz
rm -rf $(TMPDIR)
docker-image: rootfs
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