Commit cce3f61a authored by hashworks's avatar hashworks
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Merge branch 'github-pr-maintainers' into 'master'

Add the $maintainers to the PR's body instead of the commit

See merge request !56
parents eabc3c8b 18b9d9f7
......@@ -281,11 +281,11 @@ publish:
- 'git commit
-m "archlinux: Release ${BUILD_VERSION}"
-m "This is an automated release [1]."
-m "Maintainers: ${maintainers}"
-m "[1] ${CI_PROJECT_URL}/-/blob/master/.gitlab-ci.yml"'
- git push -u origin "$head"
- gh pr create
- 'gh pr create
--repo docker-library/official-images
--title "$(git show --no-patch --format="%s")"
--body "$(printf "%s\n\n---\n\nMaintainers: ${maintainers}\n" "$(git show --no-patch --format="%b")")"
--base master
--head archlinux:"$head"
--head archlinux:"$head"'
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