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Make sure --private-token is set before the release-cli create subcommand

parent ce17571d
......@@ -257,8 +257,9 @@ release:
# TODO: We should actually be able to do something like \"url\":\"${PACKAGE_REGISTRY_URL}/base-${BUILD_VERSION}.tar.xz\"
# But it doesn't appear that those downloads are public. I consider this a bug and hopefully it's fixed in a future version!
echo "Creating release"
release-cli create --name "Release ${BUILD_VERSION}" --description "Release ${BUILD_VERSION}" \
--private-token "${GITLAB_PROJECT_TOKEN}" \
release-cli --private-token "${GITLAB_PROJECT_TOKEN}" create \
--name "Release ${BUILD_VERSION}" \
--description "Release ${BUILD_VERSION}" \
--tag-name v${BUILD_VERSION} --ref "releases" \
--assets-link "{\"name\":\"base-${BUILD_VERSION}.tar.xz\",\"url\":\"${base_url}\"}" \
--assets-link "{\"name\":\"base-${BUILD_VERSION}.tar.xz.SHA256\",\"url\":\"${base_sha_url}\"}" \
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