Commit 8a04aa3b authored by Leonidas Spyropoulos's avatar Leonidas Spyropoulos
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Merge branch 'add_top_nth_metrics' into 'master'

Add top 15 prometheus metrics for gitlab exporter

See merge request archlinux/infrastructure!590
parents 607ce5d3 b5668542
......@@ -4,3 +4,5 @@ gitlab_runner_exporter_port: '9252'
prometheus_mysqld_user: mysqld_exporter
prometheus_mysqld_exporter_port: '9104'
gitlab_exporter_top_nth: 15
GITLAB_EXPORTER_GITLAB_TOKEN={{ vault_gitlab_gitlab_exporter_token }}
GITLAB_EXPORTER_TOP_NTH={{ gitlab_exporter_top_nth }}
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