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    change(aurweb): add parallel tests and improve aurweb.db · fa43f6bc
    Kevin Morris authored
    This change utilizes pytest-xdist to perform a multiproc test
    run and reworks aurweb.db's code. We no longer use a global
    engine, session or Session, but we now use a memo of engines
    and sessions as they are requested, based on the PYTEST_CURRENT_TEST
    environment variable, which is available during testing.
    Additionally, this change strips several SQLite components
    out of the Python code-base.
    SQLite is still compatible with PHP and sharness tests, but
    not with our FastAPI implementation.
    More changes:
    - Remove use of aurweb.db.session global in other code.
    - Use new aurweb.db.name() dynamic db name function in env.py.
    - Added 'addopts' to pytest.ini which utilizes multiprocessing.
        - Highly recommended to leave this be or modify `-n auto` to
          `-n {cpu_threads}` where cpu_threads is at least 2.
    Signed-off-by: Kevin Morris's avatarKevin Morris <kevr@0cost.org>