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      fix(auth): refresh the user record on successful auth · c47578f1
      Kevin Morris authored
      This will ensure the state of `request.user` is good to go
      for any other users which obtain it after the backend.
      Signed-off-by: Kevin Morris's avatarKevin Morris <>
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      Revert "fix(gitlab-ci): only run services we need for deployment" · d0e183a7
      Kevin Morris authored
      We'll need to update the nginx config to do this; putting
      this off into an MR.
      This reverts commit 19bd3766.
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      change(requests): closures are now handled by pkgbase actions · 1fede8d2
      Kevin Morris authored
      Workflow has changed and TUs should now depend on actions taken closing
      requests which exist for the package base (deletion, merge, disown|orphan).
      The `/requests/{id}/close` route is now purely used for rejecting
      requests. The deletion, merge and orphan closures have been added
      into their related action routes. See the lists below.
      Disowning can only be done if an existing orphan request can be found
      for the action by TUs. Maintainers can disown their own packages at
      any time.
      Actions which provide request closures:
      - `/pkgbase/{name}/delete`: deletion request closure
      - `/pkgbase/{name}/merge`: merge request closure
      - `/pkgbase/{name}/disown`: orphan request closure
      To close a request:
      - `/requests/{id}/close`: close a request with rejected status
      For deletion and merge actions, if no request yet exists, one
      will be autogenerated and closed.
      For orphan requests, a preexisting require is required and an
      error is now returned in cases where one cannot be found.
      For all closure actions, if the new comments field is left empty,
      a closure comment will be autogenerated.
      Note: This is a documentation commit summing up UX changes from
      recent commits.
      Signed-off-by: Kevin Morris's avatarKevin Morris <>
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      fix(requests): rework handling of requests · 26b1674c
      Kevin Morris authored
      This commit changes several things about how we were handling
      package requests.
      Modifications (requests):
      - `/requests/{id}/close` no longer provides an Accepted selection.
        All manual request closures will cause a rejection.
      - Relevent `pkgbase` actions now trigger request closures:
        `/pkgbase/{name}/delete` (deletion), `/pkgbase/{name}/merge` (merge)
        and `/pkgbase/{name}/disown` (orphan).
      - Comment fields have been added to
        `/pkgbase/{name}/{delete,merge,disown}`, which is used to set the
        `PackageRequest.ClosureComment` on pending requests. If the comment
        field is left blank, a closure comment is autogenerated.
      - Autogenerated request notifications are only sent out once
        as a closure notification.
      - Some markup has been fixed.
      Modifications (disown/orphan):
      - Orphan requests are now handled through the same path as
      - We now check for due date when disowning as non-maintainer;
        previously, this was only done for display and not functionally.
        This check applies to Trusted Users' disowning of a package.
      This style of notification flow does reduce our visibility, but
      accounting can still be done via the close request; it includes
      the action, pkgbase name and the user who accepted it.
      Closes #204
      Signed-off-by: Kevin Morris's avatarKevin Morris <>
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