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Release v6.0.9 - 2022-02-08

bug fixes:
- b119db25: feat(archives): add .sha256 and construct archives in tmpdir
- 4ae72af4: address missing coverage from previous changes

- 477e814c: set git-cliff's output format to asciidoc style
- a21c48af: format git-cliff commit hashes a bit better
- 310484a8: display git-cliff's commit scope
- bf0623d8: (git-cliff) include a header for untagged cliffs
- 2cb53411: remove comaintainers when fulfilling orphan request

- d79d7bdd: update issues url to gitlab
- acc88858: revert changes from *.po

- 40a0e866: (archives) add {archive}.sha256 and construct archives in tmpdir

- c883c710: bump to v6.0.9