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Release v6.2.4 - 2023-05-27

- 3253a6ad: (deps) remove urllib3 from dependency list
- d0b0e4d8: update repo information with aurblup script
- 1b41e857: (deps) update all non-major dependencies
- 2eacc84c: properly evaluate AURREMEMBER cookie
- 57c154a7: increase expiry for AURLANG cookie; only set when needed
- d3663772: make AURREMEMBER cookie a permanent one
- 22fe4a98: make AURSID a session cookie if "remember me" is not checked
- d1a3fee9: (deps) update all non-major dependencies
- 2709585a: (deps) update dependency fastapi to v0.95.2

- f24fae0c: Add "Requests" filter option for package name
- 5fe375bd: add link to MergeBaseName in requests.html

- 146943b3: support new default repos after git migration

miscellaneous tasks:
- d2e8fa02: (deps) "Group all minor and patch updates together"
- 7a88aeb6: update .gitignore for test-emails
- edc4ac33: remove setting AURLANG and AURTZ on account edit
- 638ca7b1: remove setting AURLANG and AURTZ on login
- 49e98d64: increase default session/cookie timeout

- a7882c75: remove session_time from user.login

- 0807ae6b: add tests for cookie handling