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    More code refactoring / tests (#79) · 148692cd
    Jelle van der Waa authored
    * main: move tests to main/tests
    Move the templatetags tests to main/tests/test_templatetags.
    * main: Add test for templatetags country
    Create a test for the templatetag country_flag.
    * main: remove duplicate floatvalue
    floatvalue is only used in the mirrors templates and the same exact
    function exists in the mirror_status templatetags.
    * main: Remove duplicate hours filter
    The hours filter is also defined in the mirror_status and only used in
    * main: move percentage filter to mirrors
    Move the percentage filter to the only user of it and add a test for
    basic use cases.
    * main: remove duplicate duration implementation
    The duration templatetag filter is also defined in mirror_status.py
    * templates: remove unrequired import flags
    * main: Add missing testcase for country_flag
    Add the None test case, so that the function is fully covered.
    * todolists: create tests for Todolist model
    Add basic tests for the Todolist model