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README: describe importing the package file listing (#25)

* README: describe importing the package file listing

Describe how to import the package file listing for the listing in
/packages/$repo/$arch/$pkgname/files and on

* README: update examples to x86_64

i686 will be dropped in the near future.
parent 1113b276
......@@ -71,8 +71,11 @@ packages, you will probably want the following:
8. To optionally populate the database with real data:
./ reporead i686 core.db.tar.gz
./ reporead x86_64 core.db.tar.gz
# Package file listing
./ reporead --filesonly x86_64 core.files.tar.gz
./ syncisos
Alter architecture and repo to get x86\_64 and packages from other repos if
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