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news: add note about news post procedure

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......@@ -10,6 +10,16 @@ <h2>News: Edit Article</h2>
{% else %}
<h2>News: Add Article</h2>
{% endif %}
<p>Every news post needs to have a corresponding draft <strong>submitted</strong> to
arch-dev-public and wait for feedback for at least 24 hours unless:</p>
<li>It is urgent (and would be too late after 24 hours)</li>
<li>There are strong reasons for the team member posting the draft to
believe that it should not be visible to the public before it is
announced. In this second case, the draft should be submitted to
the mailing list instead.</li>
<p>News articles are formatted using
<a href="">Markdown syntax</a>.
Please use this syntax if at all possible over raw HTML, which can be used
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