1. 27 Feb, 2011 6 commits
  2. 23 Feb, 2011 3 commits
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      Allow deleting of stale package relations via status page · 93bca8b0
      Dan McGee authored
      Add a column of checkboxes to each table, enclose the whole thing in a
      form, and add a super-simple delete view that takes a list of IDs and
      removes them from the database. The delete_packagerelation permission is
      required to be able to delete relations.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarDan McGee <dan@archlinux.org>
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      Add stale package relations status screen · 3181e970
      Dan McGee authored
      For now it is read only. Display a few tables of various ways of
      detecting stale package relations. These include inactive users, pkgbase
      values that no longer exist, and users that are listed as maintainers
      that don't have the proper permissions for that package anymore.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarDan McGee <dan@archlinux.org>
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      reporead performance improvements · f6c41b27
      Dan McGee authored
      When importing over a million files, it makes sense to take the slightly
      faster route and call the PackageFile() constructor directly rather than
      going through the related manager's create method.
      We can also get huge performance improvements, especially with files
      databases, by using the 'io' rather than 'codecs' module. The former is
      now implemented in C in 2.7 and results in a no-work import (so
      measuring only the DB read speed) of extra.files.tar.gz from ~30 seconds
      to ~5 seconds.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarDan McGee <dan@archlinux.org>
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  9. 20 Jan, 2011 1 commit
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      Add an 'unflag all' option · 7d043be0
      Dan McGee authored
      This allows the exact opposite of the 'flag' option as presented to the end
      user, especially helpful for split packages. The original single unflag
      package option is also still available. Implements FS#22520.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarDan McGee <dan@archlinux.org>
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  12. 14 Jan, 2011 3 commits