Commit adc9fccb authored by Kevin Morris's avatar Kevin Morris
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add aurweb.models.ban.Ban ORM mapping

Signed-off-by: Kevin Morris's avatarKevin Morris <>
parent a836892c
from fastapi import Request
from sqlalchemy.orm import mapper
from aurweb.schema import Bans
class Ban:
def __init__(self, **kwargs):
self.IPAddress = kwargs.get("IPAddress")
self.BanTS = kwargs.get("BanTS")
def is_banned(request: Request):
from aurweb.db import session
ip =
return session.query(Ban).filter(Ban.IPAddress == ip).first() is not None
mapper(Ban, Bans)
import warnings
from datetime import datetime, timedelta
import pytest
from sqlalchemy import exc as sa_exc
from aurweb.models.ban import Ban, is_banned
from aurweb.testing import setup_test_db
from aurweb.testing.requests import Request
ban = None
request = Request()
def setup():
from aurweb.db import session
global ban
ban = Ban(IPAddress="",
BanTS=datetime.utcnow() + timedelta(seconds=30))
def test_ban():
assert ban.IPAddress == ""
assert bool(ban.BanTS)
def test_invalid_ban():
from aurweb.db import session
with pytest.raises(sa_exc.IntegrityError,
match="NOT NULL constraint failed: Bans.IPAddress"):
bad_ban = Ban(BanTS=datetime.utcnow())
# We're adding a ban with no primary key; this causes an
# SQLAlchemy warnings when committing to the DB.
# Ignore them.
with warnings.catch_warnings():
warnings.simplefilter("ignore", sa_exc.SAWarning)
# Since we got a transaction failure, we need to rollback.
def test_banned(): = ""
assert is_banned(request)
def test_not_banned(): = ""
assert not is_banned(request)
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