Commit c94793b0 authored by Kevin Morris's avatar Kevin Morris
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add user registration routes

* Added /register get and post routes.
+ Added default attributes to AnonymousUser, including a new
  AnonymousList which behaves like an sqlalchemy relationship
+ aurweb.util: Added validation functions for various user fields
  used throughout registration.
+ test_accounts_routes: Added get|post register route tests.

Signed-off-by: Kevin Morris's avatarKevin Morris <>
parent 19b4a896
......@@ -7,12 +7,22 @@ from fastapi.responses import RedirectResponse
from starlette.authentication import AuthCredentials, AuthenticationBackend, AuthenticationError
from starlette.requests import HTTPConnection
import aurweb.config
from aurweb.models.session import Session
from aurweb.models.user import User
from aurweb.templates import make_context, render_template
class AnonymousUser:
# Stub attributes used to mimic a real user.
ID = 0
LangPreference = aurweb.config.get("options", "default_lang")
Timezone = aurweb.config.get("options", "default_timezone")
# A stub ssh_pub_key relationship.
ssh_pub_key = None
def is_authenticated():
return False
import copy
from http import HTTPStatus
from fastapi import APIRouter, Form, Request
from fastapi.responses import HTMLResponse, RedirectResponse
from sqlalchemy import or_
from sqlalchemy import and_, func, or_
import aurweb.config
from aurweb import db
from aurweb import db, l10n, time, util
from aurweb.auth import auth_required
from aurweb.captcha import get_captcha_answer, get_captcha_salts, get_captcha_token
from aurweb.l10n import get_translator_for_request
from aurweb.models.account_type import AccountType
from aurweb.models.ban import Ban
from aurweb.models.ssh_pub_key import SSHPubKey, get_fingerprint
from aurweb.models.user import User
from aurweb.scripts.notify import ResetKeyNotification
from aurweb.templates import make_variable_context, render_template
......@@ -93,3 +101,311 @@ async def passreset_post(request: Request,
# Render ?step=confirm.
return RedirectResponse(url="/passreset?step=confirm",
def process_account_form(request: Request, user: User, args: dict):
""" Process an account form. All fields are optional and only checks
requirements in the case they are present.
context = await make_variable_context(request, "Accounts")
ok, errors = process_account_form(request, user, **kwargs)
if not ok:
context["errors"] = errors
return render_template(request, "some_account_template.html", context)
:param request: An incoming FastAPI request
:param user: The user model of the account being processed
:param args: A dictionary of arguments generated via request.form()
:return: A (passed processing boolean, list of errors) tuple
# Get a local translator.
_ = get_translator_for_request(request)
host =
ban = db.query(Ban, Ban.IPAddress == host).first()
if ban:
return False, [
"Account registration has been disabled for your " +
"IP address, probably due to sustained spam attacks. " +
"Sorry for the inconvenience."
if request.user.is_authenticated():
if not request.user.valid_password(args.get("passwd", None)):
return False, ["Invalid password."]
email = args.get("E", None)
username = args.get("U", None)
if not email or not username:
return False, ["Missing a required field."]
username_min_len = aurweb.config.getint("options", "username_min_len")
username_max_len = aurweb.config.getint("options", "username_max_len")
if not util.valid_username(args.get("U")):
return False, [
"The username is invalid.",
_("It must be between %s and %s characters long") % (
username_min_len, username_max_len),
"Start and end with a letter or number",
"Can contain only one period, underscore or hyphen.",
password = args.get("P", None)
if password:
confirmation = args.get("C", None)
if not util.valid_password(password):
return False, [
_("Your password must be at least %s characters.") % (
elif not confirmation:
return False, ["Please confirm your new password."]
elif password != confirmation:
return False, ["Password fields do not match."]
backup_email = args.get("BE", None)
homepage = args.get("HP", None)
pgp_key = args.get("K", None)
ssh_pubkey = args.get("PK", None)
language = args.get("L", None)
timezone = args.get("TZ", None)
def username_exists(username):
return and_(User.ID != user.ID,
func.lower(User.Username) == username.lower())
def email_exists(email):
return and_(User.ID != user.ID,
func.lower(User.Email) == email.lower())
if not util.valid_email(email):
return False, ["The email address is invalid."]
elif backup_email and not util.valid_email(backup_email):
return False, ["The backup email address is invalid."]
elif homepage and not util.valid_homepage(homepage):
return False, [
"The home page is invalid, please specify the full HTTP(s) URL."]
elif pgp_key and not util.valid_pgp_fingerprint(pgp_key):
return False, ["The PGP key fingerprint is invalid."]
elif ssh_pubkey and not util.valid_ssh_pubkey(ssh_pubkey):
return False, ["The SSH public key is invalid."]
elif language and language not in l10n.SUPPORTED_LANGUAGES:
return False, ["Language is not currently supported."]
elif timezone and timezone not in time.SUPPORTED_TIMEZONES:
return False, ["Timezone is not currently supported."]
elif db.query(User, username_exists(username)).first():
# If the username already exists...
return False, [
_("The username, %s%s%s, is already in use.") % (
"<strong>", username, "</strong>")
elif db.query(User, email_exists(email)).first():
# If the email already exists...
return False, [
_("The address, %s%s%s, is already in use.") % (
"<strong>", email, "</strong>")
def ssh_fingerprint_exists(fingerprint):
return and_(SSHPubKey.UserID != user.ID,
SSHPubKey.Fingerprint == fingerprint)
if ssh_pubkey:
fingerprint = get_fingerprint(ssh_pubkey.strip().rstrip())
if fingerprint is None:
return False, ["The SSH public key is invalid."]
if db.query(SSHPubKey, ssh_fingerprint_exists(fingerprint)).first():
return False, [
_("The SSH public key, %s%s%s, is already in use.") % (
"<strong>", fingerprint, "</strong>")
captcha_salt = args.get("captcha_salt", None)
if captcha_salt and captcha_salt not in get_captcha_salts():
return False, ["This CAPTCHA has expired. Please try again."]
captcha = args.get("captcha", None)
if captcha:
answer = get_captcha_answer(get_captcha_token(captcha_salt))
if captcha != answer:
return False, ["The entered CAPTCHA answer is invalid."]
return True, []
def make_account_form_context(context: dict,
request: Request,
user: User,
args: dict):
""" Modify a FastAPI context and add attributes for the account form.
:param context: FastAPI context
:param request: FastAPI request
:param user: Target user
:param args: Persistent arguments: request.form()
:return: FastAPI context adjusted for account form
# Do not modify the original context.
context = copy.copy(context)
context["account_types"] = [
(1, "Normal User"),
(2, "Trusted User")
user_account_type_id = context.get("account_types")[0][0]
if request.user.has_credential("CRED_ACCOUNT_EDIT_DEV"):
context["account_types"].append((3, "Developer"))
context["account_types"].append((4, "Trusted User & Developer"))
if request.user.is_authenticated():
context["username"] = args.get("U", user.Username)
context["account_type"] = args.get("T", user.AccountType.ID)
context["suspended"] = args.get("S", user.Suspended)
context["email"] = args.get("E", user.Email)
context["hide_email"] = args.get("H", user.HideEmail)
context["backup_email"] = args.get("BE", user.BackupEmail)
context["realname"] = args.get("R", user.RealName)
context["homepage"] = args.get("HP", user.Homepage or str())
context["ircnick"] = args.get("I", user.IRCNick)
context["pgp"] = args.get("K", user.PGPKey or str())
context["lang"] = args.get("L", user.LangPreference)
context["tz"] = args.get("TZ", user.Timezone)
ssh_pk = user.ssh_pub_key.PubKey if user.ssh_pub_key else str()
context["ssh_pk"] = args.get("PK", ssh_pk)
context["cn"] = args.get("CN", user.CommentNotify)
context["un"] = args.get("UN", user.UpdateNotify)
context["on"] = args.get("ON", user.OwnershipNotify)
context["username"] = args.get("U", str())
context["account_type"] = args.get("T", user_account_type_id)
context["suspended"] = args.get("S", False)
context["email"] = args.get("E", str())
context["hide_email"] = args.get("H", False)
context["backup_email"] = args.get("BE", str())
context["realname"] = args.get("R", str())
context["homepage"] = args.get("HP", str())
context["ircnick"] = args.get("I", str())
context["pgp"] = args.get("K", str())
context["lang"] = args.get("L", context.get("language"))
context["tz"] = args.get("TZ", context.get("timezone"))
context["ssh_pk"] = args.get("PK", str())
context["cn"] = args.get("CN", True)
context["un"] = args.get("UN", False)
context["on"] = args.get("ON", True)
context["password"] = args.get("P", str())
context["confirm"] = args.get("C", str())
return context
@router.get("/register", response_class=HTMLResponse)
async def account_register(request: Request,
U: str = Form(default=str()), # Username
E: str = Form(default=str()), # Email
H: str = Form(default=False), # Hide Email
BE: str = Form(default=None), # Backup Email
R: str = Form(default=None), # Real Name
HP: str = Form(default=None), # Homepage
I: str = Form(default=None), # IRC Nick
K: str = Form(default=None), # PGP Key FP
L: str = Form(default=aurweb.config.get(
"options", "default_lang")),
TZ: str = Form(default=aurweb.config.get(
"options", "default_timezone")),
PK: str = Form(default=None),
CN: bool = Form(default=False), # Comment Notify
CU: bool = Form(default=False), # Update Notify
CO: bool = Form(default=False), # Owner Notify
captcha: str = Form(default=str())):
context = await make_variable_context(request, "Register")
context["captcha_salt"] = get_captcha_salts()[0]
context = make_account_form_context(context, request, None, dict())
return render_template(request, "register.html", context)"/register", response_class=HTMLResponse)
async def account_register_post(request: Request,
U: str = Form(default=str()), # Username
E: str = Form(default=str()), # Email
H: str = Form(default=False), # Hide Email
BE: str = Form(default=None), # Backup Email
R: str = Form(default=''), # Real Name
HP: str = Form(default=None), # Homepage
I: str = Form(default=None), # IRC Nick
K: str = Form(default=None), # PGP Key
L: str = Form(default=aurweb.config.get(
"options", "default_lang")),
TZ: str = Form(default=aurweb.config.get(
"options", "default_timezone")),
PK: str = Form(default=None), # SSH PubKey
CN: bool = Form(default=False),
UN: bool = Form(default=False),
ON: bool = Form(default=False),
captcha: str = Form(default=None),
captcha_salt: str = Form(...)):
from aurweb.db import session
context = await make_variable_context(request, "Register")
args = dict(await request.form())
context = make_account_form_context(context, request, None, args)
ok, errors = process_account_form(request, request.user, args)
if not ok:
# If the field values given do not meet the requirements,
# return HTTP 400 with an error.
context["errors"] = errors
return render_template(request, "register.html", context,
if not captcha:
context["errors"] = ["The CAPTCHA is missing."]
return render_template(request, "register.html", context,
# Create a user with no password with a resetkey, then send
# an email off about it.
resetkey = db.make_random_value(User, User.ResetKey)
# By default, we grab the User account type to associate with.
account_type = db.query(AccountType,
AccountType.AccountType == "User").first()
# Create a user given all parameters available.
user = db.create(User, Username=U, Email=E, HideEmail=H, BackupEmail=BE,
RealName=R, Homepage=HP, IRCNick=I, PGPKey=K,
LangPreference=L, Timezone=TZ, CommentNotify=CN,
UpdateNotify=UN, OwnershipNotify=ON, ResetKey=resetkey,
# If a PK was given and either one does not exist or the given
# PK mismatches the existing user's SSHPubKey.PubKey.
if PK:
# Get the second element in the PK, which is the actual key.
pubkey = PK.strip().rstrip()
fingerprint = get_fingerprint(pubkey)
user.ssh_pub_key = SSHPubKey(UserID=user.ID,
# Send a reset key notification to the new user.
executor = db.ConnectionExecutor(db.get_engine().raw_connection())
ResetKeyNotification(executor, user.ID).send()
context["complete"] = True
context["user"] = user
return render_template(request, "register.html", context)
import base64
import random
import re
import string
from urllib.parse import urlparse
import jinja2
from email_validator import EmailNotValidError, EmailUndeliverableError, validate_email
import aurweb.config
def make_random_string(length):
return ''.join(random.choices(string.ascii_lowercase +
string.digits, k=length))
def valid_username(username):
min_len = aurweb.config.getint("options", "username_min_len")
max_len = aurweb.config.getint("options", "username_max_len")
if not (min_len <= len(username) <= max_len):
return False
# Check that username contains: one or more alphanumeric
# characters, an optional separator of '.', '-' or '_', followed
# by alphanumeric characters.
return re.match(r'^[a-zA-Z0-9]+[.\-_]?[a-zA-Z0-9]+$', username)
def valid_email(email):
except EmailUndeliverableError:
return False
except EmailNotValidError:
return False
return True
def valid_homepage(homepage):
parts = urlparse(homepage)
return parts.scheme in ("http", "https") and bool(parts.netloc)
def valid_password(password):
min_len = aurweb.config.getint("options", "passwd_min_len")
return len(password) >= min_len
def valid_pgp_fingerprint(fp):
fp = fp.replace(" ", "")
# Attempt to convert the fingerprint to an int via base16.
# If it can't, it's not a hex string.
int(fp, 16)
except ValueError:
return False
# Check the length; must be 40 hexadecimal digits.
return len(fp) == 40
def valid_ssh_pubkey(pk):
valid_prefixes = ("ssh-rsa", "ecdsa-sha2-nistp256",
"ecdsa-sha2-nistp384", "ecdsa-sha2-nistp521",
has_valid_prefix = False
for prefix in valid_prefixes:
if "%s " % prefix in pk:
has_valid_prefix = True
if not has_valid_prefix:
return False
tokens = pk.strip().rstrip().split(" ")
if len(tokens) < 2:
return False
return base64.b64encode(base64.b64decode(tokens[1])).decode() == tokens[1]
def account_url(context, user):
request = context.get("request")
base = f"{request.url.scheme}://{request.url.hostname}"
if request.url.scheme == "http" and request.url.port != 80:
base += f":{request.url.port}"
return f"{base}/account/{user.Username}"
This partial requires a few variables to render properly.
First off, we can render either a new account form or an
update account form.
To render an update account form, supply `form_type = "UpdateAccount"`.
To render a new account form, either omit a `form_type` or set it to
anything else (should actually be "NewAccount" based on the PHP impl).
Furthermore, when rendering an update form, if the request user
is authenticated, there **must** be a `user` supplied, pointing
to the user being edited.
<form id="edit-profile-form" method="post"
{% if action %}
action="{{ action }}"
{% endif %}
<input type="hidden" name="Action" value="{{ form_type }}">
<!-- Username -->
<label for="id_username">
{% trans %}Username{% endtrans %}:
<input id="id_username"
type="text" size="30"
maxlength="16" name="U"
value="{{ username }}"
({% trans %}required{% endtrans %})
<em>{{ "Your user name is the name you will use to login. "
"It is visible to the general public, even if your "
"account is inactive." | tr }}</em>
{% if request.user.has_credential("CRED_ACCOUNT_CHANGE_TYPE") %}
<label for="id_type">
{% trans %}Account Type{% endtrans %}:
<select name="T" id="id_type">
{% for value, type in account_types %}
<option value="{{ value }}"
{% if account_type == type %}
{% endif %}
{{ type | tr }}
{% endfor %}
<label for="id_suspended">
{% trans %}Account Suspended{% endtrans %}:
<input id="suspended" type="checkbox" name="S"
{% if suspended %}
{% endif %}
{% endif %}
<!-- Email -->
<label for="id_email">
{% trans %}Email Address{% endtrans %}:
<input id="id_email" type="text"
size="30" maxlength="254" name="E" value="{{ email }}">
({% trans %}required{% endtrans %})
<em>{{ "Please ensure you correctly entered your email "
"address, otherwise you will be locked out." | tr }}</em>
<!-- Hide Email -->
<label for="id_hide">
{% trans %}Hide Email Address{% endtrans %}:
<input id="id_hide" type="checkbox" name="H" value="{{ H }}">
<em>{{ "If you do not hide your email address, it is "
"visible to all registered AUR users. If you hide your "
"email address, it is visible to members of the Arch "
"Linux staff only." | tr }}</em>
<!-- Backup Email -->
<label for="id_backup_email">
{% trans %}Backup Email Address{% endtrans %}:
<input id="id_backup_email" type="text" size="30"
maxlength="254" name="BE" value="{{ backup }}">
{{ "Optionally provide a secondary email address that "
"can be used to restore your account in case you lose "
"access to your primary email address." | tr }}
{{ "Password reset links are always sent to both your "
"primary and your backup email address." | tr }}
{{ "Your backup email address is always only visible to "
"members of the Arch Linux staff, independent of the %s "
"setting." | tr
| format("<em>%s</em>" | format("Hide Email Address" | tr))
| safe }}
<!-- Real Name -->
<label for="id_realname">
{% trans %}Real Name{% endtrans %}:
<input id="id_realname" type="text" size="30"
maxlength="32" name="R" value="{{ realname }}">
<!-- Homepage -->
<label for="id_homepage">
{% trans %}Homepage{% endtrans %}:
<input id="id_homepage" type="text" size="30" name="HP"
value="{{ homepage }}">
<!-- IRC Nick -->
<label for="id_irc">
{% trans %}IRC Nick{% endtrans %}: